DOTA Underlords Beginners Guide – Alliances, Upgrading Heroes, Tips and Strategies

DOTA Underlords is an Auto-Chess custom game in the DOTA franchise. It is an AI-based strategy game where you will only be strategizing and the AI will run a combat simulation to choose a winner from amongst 7 players that will be participating in the Underlords. In our Beginners Guide, you will learn some of the best tactics you can employ to secure more wins in DOTA Underlords.

You will be fighting on an 8×8 board against 7 enemies with a fixed number of units that can be deployed in the arena.

The game takes place in several rounds and after each one; you get to add to your units in the arena. At the start, you are allowed to choose a starting hero from a set of 5 random heroes.

DOTA Underlords Beginners Guide

Once the battle begins, heroes will fight each other commanded by the AI that will determine the outcome depending upon the strength and characteristics of the chosen heroes.

After each round, you will again be allowed to buy a hero from a set of 5 random heroes that you can add to your Hero Deck. However, there is a limit set to the number of heroes that can be deployed on the board called the “Population Limit”.

After each round, you will lose a certain amount of HP depending upon the damage your heroes took and the number of heroes you have left. Any player losing all his/her HP will be eliminated and the last player standing will be the winner.

You will have to learn the characters’ abilities and use them to your advantage, upgrade them, use items to enhance their capabilities, and make strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Alliances and Synergy

Make alliances on the battlefield using units that support each other and have similar characteristics. This will give you a synergetic buff, meaning the outcome of the alliance will be greater than the energy of each one of the heroes combined.

There are some different kinds of alliances and each requires a certain amount of heroes to be on the board in order to attain that Alliance Synergy buff. Cards of same heroes do not contribute to filling the Alliance bar.

When you are allowed to purchase characters, try to strategize around attaining heroes that give you the required Alliance. This will give you a revolutionary advantage on the battlefield.

Upgrading Heroes

Heroes can also be upgraded to their next levels. Doing so improves their stats and allows them to take and give more damage than before. Upgrading heroes is an essential part of the game and will help to secure your victory.

To upgrade a hero, you need to have three cards of the same hero at the same level. For instance, if you have a one-star hero on the board, attain two more, and you will have a two-star Hero with essentially double the strength and stats.

Upgrading earlier in the game allows you to gain and a strong grip on the game.

Therefore, hold onto any one-star heroes on the table that you hope might get upgrading and whenever you add to your deck, keep in mind the upgrade and buy same cards to make a triplet and get the hero to the next level.

Leveling Up

Leveling up by gaining XP throughout the game give you lots of benefits. After each round, you gain 1 XP that adds to your total XP and levels up when the bar is filled.

Leveling up determines the number of units you can have on the board, meaning the Population Limit depends upon your XP level in the game.

The strength of units that you are offered in the shop is also linked with your level as well as the loots won in the looting round.

Creep Rounds & Random Items

The game starts with three creep rounds at the beginning. You will be fighting creeps for the first three rounds after each one of which you will be given to choosing from a few random items.

The creep round will come after every 5-7 rounds and are aimed at allowing you to gain XP and items for use against opponents.

You will be given this choice only if you manage to win against the creeps. If you lose, you will be given a random item without being let to choose.

These items will help you in the game. Some will go along with your heroes’ traits and some will allow certain benefits. Try to choose the ones that you think may compliment your heroes.

Early Game Strategy & Tips

It is advisable to start with heroes that have greater health and can take more beating than other weaker units. This will allow you to survive until later on to add more Heroes and devise a strategy depending on the table.

While positioning your heroes, keep the brute and stronger characters in the front with weaker heroes behind them to guard them against any initial assault.

There are also some characters that immediately jump through the front line and attack heroes in the back. Look out for these and try to make two lines of defense, keeping weaker higher damaging units far back to keep them protected and engaged.

Streaks are also very important in the game. You gain gold forever win after a 3-win streak and the amount doubles after another 3-win streak. It means winning in streaks will allow you to make stronger decks.

Losing streaks also reward gold. If you see that you are weaker, it better to lose, keeping your required heroes safe to gain some gold at the end and come back stronger.

Keeping gold and not spending it, every time has an advantage too, as you earn interest in any gold not spent in a round. The interest is received after each round.

This is all we have in our DOTA Underlords Beginners Guide. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

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