DOOM SnapMap Guide – How to Create the Best SnapMap Maps

DOOM SnapMap allows players to create their own version of DOOM – however they see fit! Using the DOOM SnapMap, players can add hidden weapons, set monster hordes loose, and go on a killing rampage with their online friends.

With so many options available at hand, the possibilities are virtually endless. Anytime during the course of your journey, you can check out the Featured Maps created by the community to see what other players have created and get more ideas.

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DOOM SnapMap Guide

Our DOOM SnapMap guide details everything there is to know about DOOM SnapMap and how to use it effectively!

Getting Started with DOOM SnapMap

DOOM SnapMap can be selected from the Main Menu. Once in there, you will be able to create your own maps or view what the community has created.

Snap Academy
This is basically your go-to place where you will learn everything from placing objects to linking different areas together. There to multiple lessons to choose from, therefore, try each one out and you will learn how to get started!

Blueprint Mode
This mode basically allows you to add plenty of room options while creating your own DOOM SnapMap. In this mode, you should be able to hide plenty of secrets, boss fight arenas, and more.

Object Mode
Once you have rendered a map using Blueprint Mode, you should be freely able to move through it in the Object Mode. While in the Object Mode, you should be able to place or remove different objects that you think are redundant or necessary. You will be able to view controls to place/remove objects.

Using Logic Chains
These basically dictate how an object placed in DOOM SnapMap interact with an AI or players. For example, a logic chain attached to an explosive barrel will cause a detonation whenever shot. There are multiple things to consider here. You can choose one object after the other to bring up a list of all available actions which will allow you to create more intractable environment. Lastly, do note that you can attach more than one logic chain to a single object.

Object Properties
One important thing that you need to know about objects in DOOM SnapMap is that each object in the map has its own unique properties which can be altered to keep things fresh. In addition to this, if you want to use an object of a certain property in multiple places, you can simply duplicate it instead of going through the entire process over and over again.

Tying Loose Ends
Once you are done with your DOOM SnapMap, you should be able to publish it for the community to view and play. However, before you do that, it is highly recommended that you try out the map once yourself.

It will make sure that all objects are placed in their right positions, all logic chains are working well, so on and so forth. After you have tried your own created map – but have not published it – you will be able to edit it and make necessary changes.

DOOM SnapMap Character Customization
In DOOM SnapMap, you should be able to customize your character. There is a range of customization options available which include characters, weapons, and taunts. However, do note that you will need SnapPoints in order to purchase these items. These SnapPoints are earned by completing challenges which includes something like 5x Glory Kills or Transforming into Demon a total of 10 times.

This is all we have on DOOM SnapMap. If there is something else you would like to add, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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