Doom Reboot Passes 2 Million Copies Sold On Steam

SteamSpy, a highly popular and accurate website to track the sales of a Steam game has revealed that id Software’s Doom, the fourth in the franchise, has now sold more than 2 million copies on Steam since the game launched in May 2016. Although the sales figure shouldn’t exactly be a surprise since the game had a lot of nostalgia and hype going for it even before it received stellar reviews which currently put it at a Metacritic score of 85.

Despite being the fourth entry in the franchise, Doom was actually a reboot of the franchise instead of a sequel, as announced back in 2008 as Doom 4. The development was completely scrapped and the project began anew in 2011 as the Doom reboot. According to id Software, Doom 4 felt a lot like “Call of Doom” clearly hinting at Call of Duty with its cinematic feel and side characters.

While Doom had been praised for pretty much everything the game offered including environments, fast paced and gory gameplay and an amazing soundtrack, one department where the reboot lacked was the multiplayer and there were complaints that it felt a lot like a tacked on hybrid between Call of Duty and Halo. Even with 2 million copies sold, the game rarely has a peak player count of above 2000, which suggests the multiplayer community is really small.

However, for those who like the multiplayer, id Software has confirmed that they will continue to release DLC for the multiplayer portion of the game so those players will not be left out once they are done playing through the singleplayer.

Thanks to the popularity and success of the game, Bethesda has also announced a VR version of the game, titled Doom VFR, which is expected to launch later this year for both PSVR and HTC Vive.

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