DOOM Multiplayer Weapons, Power Weapons, and Equipment Guide

Having a better understanding of weapons, power weapons, and different pieces of equipment that are found in DOOM multiplayer mode can create the difference between winning and losing.

When we talk about weapons and different pieces of equipment in the game’s multiplayer mode, there are things that are well-suited for certain situations. Moreover, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of different weapons and pieces of equipment goes a long way in a battle.

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DOOM Multiplayer Weapons, Power Weapons, and Equipment Guide

Our DOOM Multiplayer Weapons, Power Weapons, and Equipment Guide details everything there is to know about these things in the game’s multiplayer mode and how to use them effectively:

Primary Weapons

Burst Rifle
Unlocked: Level 3

Burst Rifle Mod
ADS and a semi-automatic mode using magnum ammo.

This weapon fires 3-round burst with a short delay between bursts. This weapon is more suitable for finishing off weak enemies, but is not too much of a good weapon when it comes to killing a tough enemy at medium to close range.

When used with weapon modifier, the weapon gains the ability to ADS and increased damage. Burst Rifle is more of a secondary weapon that can be used to finish off weak enemies or used as a long-range weapon that can be used to snipe enemies from a distance.

Unlocked: Level 1

Chaingun Mod
Requires 1.4 seconds to spin the barrel to get maximum speed.

This weapon has a high rate of fire and shines at close to medium range. This is not the most accurate weapon in the game, but since it does not have any overheating issue, you can continue to fire.

As for the weapon mod, it comes into play when defending a position in Domination or trying to score kill in CQC. When using this weapon, you should not try to score headshots as this weapon is not the most accurate weapon out there.

Instead of trying to score headshots, you should aim for the torso which will allow you to hit enemies and increase your chances of scoring critical hits.

Plasma Rifle
Unlocked: Level 1

Plasma Rifle Mod
Fires a plasma orbs that detonates and deals damage to both player and enemies within the radius.

This weapon has pretty decent accuracy, rate of fire, and deals splash damage to enemies. This weapon truly outshines the likes of Burst Rifle, thanks to its fully-automatic nature without much recoil. When it comes to weapon mod, do note that the orb has 10 seconds cooldown period and deals damage to both player and enemies within the AOE radius.

The weapon is really good in objective-based game modes such as Domination and Warpath where you can create the plasma field near the objective so as to restrict their movement inside the objective area.

Moreover, you should also try to fire a plasma orb first and then finish off enemies using the normal fire.

Rocket Launcher
Unlocked: Level 1

Rocket Launcher Mod
The ability to manually detonate all rockets in flight.

This weapon is pretty good for engaging and dealing damage to multiple enemies at the same time. However, do note that you cannot fire a second rocket before the first one has been detonated.

In addition to this, you do not really have to score a direct hit as the rockets deal damage to enemies near the place of detonation. However, do note that the rockets can also damage you if you detonate them too close to your own position. You can use Blast Shield III hack module in order to counter it.

When it comes to weapon mod, do note that it effectively increases your rate of fire since you can manually detonate a rocket and fire one again.

Since the enemies are always on the move, you can detonate a rocket as it passes by an enemy in order to score a kill or at least weaken it. This weapon shines in almost all game modes especially at the beginning of a round when all players are on full HP and you need to damage some of them for your teammates to finish off.

Super Shotgun
Unlocked: Level 1

Super Shotgun Mod
This allows players to get a tighter spread while firing.

As is the case with shotguns, this weapon inflicts huge amount of damage in CQC. However, this weapon not only has a slow rate of fire, but extremely less range even at medium range.

When it comes to weapon mod, it does not increase the weapon damage, but its ability to hit more shells automatically increase the damage dealt to enemies. Furthermore, it reduces your movement speed.

You should always consider taking shotgun as the secondary weapon along with a ranged weapon. This weapon should only come out in play during CQC like when you are trying to secure a capture zone and enemies are nearby. Moreover, it helps a lot when you have already weakened an enemy and want to finish it off.

Vortex Rifle
Unlocked: Level 1

Vortex Rifle Mod
This allows players to gain increased ranged and damage.

This is an excellent sniping weapon in the game that allows you to eliminate enemies from a safe distance. However, do note that there is a delay between the shots which you should try to adjust to. This weapon is ideal for taking enemies who are equipped with a close-range weapon from a distance.

Due to fast-paced nature of the game, you should not try to camp in a corner and should immediately relocate after scoring a kill or two. The weapon mod of the Vortex Rifle is pretty self-explanatory!

This weapon must be coupled with a strong CQC weapon such a shotgun so that you are not caught unawares while relocating to a different location. While moving to a safe location, you should always have your shotgun equipped.

You can also use this weapon in order to eliminate weakened enemies and to provide cover fire for your teammates.

Heavy Assault Rifle
Unlocked: Level 1

Heavy Assault Rifle Mod
Gives players a digital scope which reduces movement speed to 75% when being used.

This is an all-round weapon that shines when you are always on the move, try to score headshots, and fire from the hip. The weapon mod on HAR will allow you to deal more damage to enemies by scoring more accurate shots using the digital scope and will allow you to provide cover fire for your teammates from a safe distance.

However, do not even think about using the modifier at close or even medium range because you will get punished. This weapon is more of a secondary weapon that can be coupled with Vortex Rifle or Rocket Launcher in order to finish off weakened targets.

Despite the fact that this weapon has high rate of fire and accuracy, it does not shine in CQC.

Unlocked: Level 6

Hellshot Mod
Fires incendiary rounds that burns enemies.

This is another all-round weapon that has pretty decent accuracy, but a slower rate of fire. This can easily be countered with the weapon’s modifier which takes 5.5 seconds to recharge, but inflicts continuous burning effects on targets.

The idea is to burn a target and finish it off with your other weapon while the modifier recharges – rinse and repeat. The weapon is pretty good at medium to long range, but the weapon modifier is better used at short to medium range since it does not work too well at long range.

However, do note that you need to accurate with your shots since it does not deliver splash damage. It totally depends upon players whether they like to use the weapon as a primary or a secondary weapon, but it works really well when coupled with a shotgun or a plasma rifle.

Combat Shotgun
Unlocked: Level 11

Combat Shotgun Mod
This loads the gun with mortar shells that require 0.5 of a second.

Although this weapon does not deal as much as damage as the other shotgun, but its high rate of fire and tighter spread make it worth using. Due to these things, it is pretty decent weapon to use in CQC.

When it comes to its modifier, it does not enjoy much range, but deals huge amount of damage upon direct hit. However, do note that it you must wait 1.5 second before you can fire the second mortar shot.

This weapon is an excellent secondary weapon when combined with Vortex Rifle, Rocket Launcher, or other rifles in the game. Aside from close range, you will also be able to rain down mortar shots from an elevated position.

Lightning Gun
Unlocked: Level 14

Lightning Gun Mod
This creates an electrified field that damages multiple enemies and consumes twice the ammo.

This weapon has an insanely fast rate of fire and is ideal for pinning down multiple enemies at the same time. In addition to this, this weapon has pretty decent accuracy and has splash damage with its weapon modifier.

Moreover, you can use the modifier in order to force enemies out from their cover and while capturing zones in objective-based game modes.

Static Rifle
Unlocked: Level 16

Static Rifle Mod
Allows zooming in for better precision.

This is pretty decent long-range weapon that deals damage depending upon the level of charge. This accuracy is further increased when using the weapon modifier which reduces movement speed whilst the modifier is being used.

In addition to this, do note that you must always be on the move in order to charge the weapon for increased damage.

While using this weapon, it is a good idea to always be on the move while picking up power-ups and other pick-ups continuously in order to increase your chances of survivability while you are charging the weapon.

Furthermore, you should consider running with a shotgun for CQC which will allow you to weaken foes using the Static Rifle and finish them off using the shotgun.

Power Weapons

BFG 9000
Availability: Excavation, Heatwave, and Perdition

This is an excellent weapon to use in narrow corridors and tight spaces. Despite the fact that this weapon has slower rate of fire when compared with Gauss Cannon, it does not require insane accuracy to land your shot accurately.

However, while using this weapon, you need to make sure that you are not damaging yourself as this weapon can do that.

Availability: Disposal, Helix, and Infernal

This weapon has increased movement speed passive which allows its wielder to chase down enemies for kills. This weapon must be used in CQC for instant Glory Kill. This weapon is insanely good at close range and can guarantee you some kills, but do note that you are defenseless against ranged enemies.

When using this weapon, you need to close the gap as quickly as possible and head into the fray in order to score some Glory Kills.

Gauss Cannon
Availability: Beneath, Chasm, and Sacrilegious

This weapon can easily one-shot enemies without Mega Health pick-up. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to be fairly accurate in order to land your shot accurately when using this weapon.

On the positive side, this weapon has decent rate of fire and can be shot while moving. While you will not be able to engage multiple enemies when using this weapon, the increased rate of fire and the ability to use in narrow areas without damaging yourself is something welcome.


Frag Grenade
Unlocked: Level 1

This explosive grenade can be thrown every 20 seconds and deals 100 damage and 10 direct contact damage. This thing is particularly useful in game modes such as Domination and Warpath. You should try to throw it near multiple enemies to increase your chances of securing a kill.

Shield Wall
Unlocked: Level 10

This thing absorbs damage for maximum 8 seconds or until it reaches its absorption limit. Do note that you cannot fire through it and bars both enemy and ally attacks. This is particularly useful while trying to control an objective or power-up.

Tesla Rocket
Unlocked: Level 4

This thing hits enemies multiple times for 9 damage which may not seem much, but it can finish off several weakened enemies in a single go. However, do note that the rocket can also deal damage to you if you throw it in a confined space.

You should try and use it in addition to Lightning Rifle modifier in order to increase your chances of securing a kill.

Siphon Grenade
Unlocked: Level 8

As the name suggests, when tossed, this grenade damages enemies and returns it to you as health. This thing is particularly useful in Clan Arena in which there is no way of gaining health back from pick-ups.

However, make sure that you are not using it when you are already at full health in order to take the most advantage out of it.

Unlocked: Level 15

This thing creates a hologram that fires a rifle in a slow manner and can be asked to move in a straight line or stand still. The basic purpose of it is to distract enemies during a heated combat or while trying to control an objective.

Threat Sensor
Unlocked: Level 13

This thing can be tossed anywhere – you should do so near objectives or choke points – where it will last for 40 seconds and will start making sounds whenever an enemy is in its close vicinity.

After it, you will be able to see that enemy through walls. This is especially useful in game modes such as Freeze Tag while thawing allies or to prevent enemies from thawing their teammates.

Personal Teleporter
Unlocked: Level 1

You can stick this thing to a surface where it will last for 8 seconds. During these 8 seconds, you will be able to teleport to that location in order to score a kill, drop onto multiple enemies from ceiling and let your teammates finish the job, thaw an ally, or prevent enemies from thawing their teammates – the uses are endless.

However, do note that using it effectively requires some practice as you do not want to be found in wrong place at the wrong time.

This is all we have on our DOOM multiplayer weapons, equipment, and power weapons guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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