Doom Frame Rate to Be Unlocked On PC

Tiago Sousa who is a lead rendering programmer at ID Software announced on his twitter account that Doom Frame Rate will be unlocked on PC. This means players can play the game on 60FPS or above frames per second on PC.

A fan asked Sousa that why is unlocked FPS being regulated as a feature as this has been the expectation and feature for almost last 20 years, Sousa replied that it’s not being regulated as a feature it just that these things take time.

The announcement that Doom will have unlocked FPS comes as no surprise as Doom closed beta was previously criticized for its poor performance on PC. The issues with the PC version were FPS drops no matter the specifications of the machine, FOV slider set at one point and can’t be widened and no access to the advanced settings options.

It is good to see that developers are taking the feedback seriously and resolving the issues before the game is released, but Bethesda is not known for its bug free game releases lets hope the ID Software can change things a bit.

Speaking of the performance and graphics options of the beta, developers also included a FOV slider and volume slider for the match announcer to Xbox One version which were previously included in PlayStation 4 version.

Doom’s open beta took place on 15th of April for PC, PS4, Xbox One and ended on 17th of April.

Doom will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC on May 13th 2016 while classic Doom is also available on Oculus Rift.

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