DOOM Field Drones Locations ‘Weapon Mods Guide

DOOM Field Drones or DOOM Droppers are basically drones created by the UAC in order to receive and deliver ordered parts.

DOOM field drones can essentially be found in the game’s singleplayer campaign and finding them will allow players to add mods to their weapons.

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DOOM Fields Drones Locations

Our DOOM Field Drones locations guide will help you find all of them and get some cool mods for your weapons:


Field Drone #1
After dealing with a group of The Possessed, do not go down the hill and take a left.

From this point, you need to drop down, continue along the path, and drop down again. In this area, you will find a Field Drone on an upper ledge.

Resource Operations

Field Drone #2
After using the elevator in the bottom level and continue to follow the walkway in order to find the Field Drone.


Field Drone #3
From the main room, head left and enter the door on the left side in order to find the Field Drone in the corner.

Argent Facility

Field Drone #4
You need to head inside the Cooling Tower and reach the upper area. Once you are there, you will find the Field Drone there.

Argent Energy Tower

Field Drone #5
While getting through the bridge, you will come across a severed pipeline. From there, you need to cross the short walkway and into the control room which has the Field Drone a little ahead.

Kadingir Sanctum

Field Drone #6
Before you come across a Baron of Hell engaging weak demons, you will find a Field Drone as well as a log.

Argent Facility Destroyed

Field Drone #7
After crossing the bridge, you need to enter the building on the other side to grab the log and head inside the corridor on the left side to find the drone.

Field Drone #8
After activating the Crane Control, you will move the cargo container. You need to double jump onto it and to the walkway on the right to find the drone.

Field Drone #9
You need to enter the area where you destroyed the Gore Nest to find one inside.

Advanced Research Complex

Field Drone #10
After turning the fan off near the second ventilation shaft, you need to drop down into the shaft and into the hatch to find the drone.

Lazarus Labs

Field Drone #11
You need to head inside Sector 5 door and into the second maintenance door to find the drone.

Titan’s Realm

Field Drone #12
After opening the gate to release a Mancubus and open another door inside the halls after dealing with the brute to find the drone in the corner.

The Necropolis

Field Drone #13
After destroying two Barons of Hell, you will notice a hole in the middle of the floor where you will find an artifact.

From here, you need to drop down into the lower depths, jump inside the cave and find a drone and an Elite Guard inside.

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