Doom Eternal Toy Locations Guide

DOOM Eternal has various collectibles for you to collect; in every level, you will be able to find action figures that represent different characters or demons found within the game. This guide contains all the Doom Eternal Toy Locations across every mission of the game.

You will have to use all your platforming skills, and dial your awareness to eleven if you want to collect all these toys found in each mission. Luckily for you, we have written down the location of each toy found in their respective missions.

Doom Eternal Toy Locations

Hell on Earth
The first toy found on the first level is a Zombie Toy; it can be found immediately to the left after you collect the chainsaw. Break through the wall and head down the path to find the toy.

The Doom Slayer toy can be found right after the second modbot, you will not be able to miss it, as it is in the main objective’s path. Simply break the green cracked wall and climb up to find the secret toy.

To find the Imp Toy, get the Heavy Cannon and clear out all enemies. Go to the area with the neon sings. Jump up to near a ledge and break the cracked wall. Drop down to find the imp toy.

After grabbing the rune, go down the stairs till the bottom until you see an opening in the wall, and go ahead and grab the Arachnatron Toy behind the breakable wall.


A Cacodemon Toy can be found at the end of the level when you reach the platforms and the electrical fences. Head to the extra life, and dash over the lava to find the secret toy.

Cultist Base
A Gargoyle Toy is found right at the beginning of the level. Climb to the top of the wall covered in red mines and turn around to find the secret toy.

Once you come to a hallway with demons and axes, you can find a vent to the right of the second axe. Go through the vent and collect the Soldier Blaster toy.

Doom Hunter Base
Once you reach the lava room, head to the end of the room and take the platform up. Dash to the Lost Soul Toy once you’re high enough using the platform.

The Hell Knight Toy can be found towards the end. Go down the stairs near the final fight to find a room with ammo and health. Above you should be a green target; shoot it to open a secret path to the toy.

Super Gore Nest
After reaching the open area with a flesh tower. Jump to the pole right in front of you, and swing onto the next pole. Turn right and dash onto the ledge to collect the Mecha Zombie Toy.

Progress further into the mission only to find yourself closed in an area with demons. In the center you will find another flesh structure growing with two poles alongside it. Use the poles to swing onto the platform ahead. The secret Shield Soldier Toy should be right here.

Eventually, you will come across an area with an acidic waterfall. Keep going through this area until you reach the turrets. Head to the platform in the center and from here go to the giant sewer pipe on your left. Go down it to find the Revenant Toy.

Arc Complex
Initially, at the start of the mission, head up the stairs only for a Mancubus to charge at you through a shop. Head into the place he charged from, only to find a Mancubus Toy right behind the pillar.

Fighting off the horde on the escalator; proceed forward and go to the ledge to your right. Turn around, and head up the stairs to your left. You can find the Cueball Toy to your right once you jump across the gap.

Go up the stairs of the hotel, after seeing purple lighting, you will find a section with collapsed iron bars. Head through the small opening to find a secret area. You can find the Whiplash Toy here lying to your left.

Mars Core
A Prowler Toy can be found after you use the BFG-10000. Go up the elevator and you can find the toy to your right.

Beating your second wave of demons, go up the blue vent and there will be a Carcass Toy lying behind the pillar.

Once you reach the end of the level, drop down through the vents and look to your left to find a blue vent; jump to it and you can see the Pinky Toy right in front of you.

Taras Nabad
After swimming your way through, head forward and right; punch the statue and stand on the button nearby which will open a gate to the Cyber Mancubus Toy.

Near the fallen titan, you will be able to find a breakable wall; go through to find the Marauder Toy.

The third and final toy location found in DOOM Eternal is located near the Radiation Suit. Once you find this suit, drop down the hole, and during your fall you will be able to find a breakable wall; dash into it and break in to find the Pain Elemental Toy.

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