Doom Eternal Slayer Gates Guide

If you are looking for even more challenging events then you could just get access to slayer gates for which you will need keys. Our Doom Eternal Slayer Gates guide will help you understand this new challenging arena battles.

Doom Eternal Slayer Gates

The Slayer Gates offer intense encounters so be ready. The reason why these are so challenging is that your ammo and lives spent in a gate will not be restored afterwards but the rewards are also quite impressive as you get three weapon points and an Empyrean key!

Your main challenge in these 6 gates could be the Empowered Demons which are empowered directly by Khan Maykr when they kill another player in the campaigns.

This makes them quite strong and difficult to kill but in return, they drop much more resources too. You can recognize them by the name of the player they killed, hovering on their head

You will need 6 Empyrean keys each from each Slayer gate to unlock the Unmaykr weapon at the Fortress of Doom. So be ready to kill all the challenging hostiles in the 6 gates to make the powerful weapon all yours.

To gain access to a Slayer gate, you will have to find its corresponding Slayer gate key which is always located in the same level. Once you are at a slayer gate, just search the obscure hiding spots nearby to find a purple key.

This purple gate key will unlock Slayer Gates for you and then you can take on the hordes of challenging cyberdemon that await within.

As Slayer Gates are the toughest challenge in the game, it is recommended that you only take on them when you have either finished the campaign or are far ahead in the story to have unlocked some really good weapons.

Successfully completing each Slayer Gate will reward you with weapon points and an Empyrean key, the only source of the key, which can be used to access Unmaykr.

The following are locations for all the Slayer Gates and their Keys

Exultia Slayer Gate/Key
This is the easiest gate to find. You’ll find it at the end of the Exultia level at the floating platform puzzle after you go through the Hellscape Portal.

When you reach the front of the gate, the key in directly behind you, upon a rock suspended high up in the air. To get to it, you have to go into the cave on left side of the gate – when facing it, and look for the yellow floating beacon in it.

Once spotted, climb up the ledges on the sides to go so high that you can jump across the yellow capsule to the highest ledge behind it. Go across it and look outside to see the key.

Cultist Slayer Gate/Key
This gate will come on your path naturally in-game as it is located in the main area of the Cultist Base where a huge crucified demon is placed and a blue beam is falling in the center area. There, you’ll find the gate behind a few obstacles.

The key is located in the area above this platform. To get to it, you need to fall below this area onto the climbing wall on the side, then look for a monkey bar that you can leap on to, to get to the tunnel on the side to another climbing wall and keep going deeper into that tunnel towards the yellow capsule.

Climb up the wall across the capsule, turn around at the top to see a platform behind you, leap to it, use the money bar in it to get to the top where the key is.

Super Gore Nest Slayer Gate/Key
The key is located inside one of the building on the side of the Gore Nest. Use the jumping pad inside the nest to get on to the building which has climbing wall on side of it. Get inside and explore the area and you’ll easily find the key.

The gate is located near the Super Gore Nest. It is inside a tunnel in the lava area with a broken bridge made with 3 steel pipes leading to it. Look for this bridge in the lava area near the gore nest and you’ll find the gate.

ARC Complex Slayer Gate/Key
After the first battle in the sludge-filled room and fighting through the demon packed area that you unlock using the green panel, you get to the main area of this arena.

This is an office building with broken glass windows all over the place. From the center area, locate the purple-lit room for the key and the gate. The gate is just in a room just beside the center area of this atrium.

From the gate area, look up and left to see the key in a room up there. Jump into the center area to grab onto the climbing wall on the right side, climb up, look behind and jump for the room with the key.

Once you have it, you can break down the path below you to take the stairs once at the ground to the gate.

Mars Core Slayer Gate/Key
In the Mars Core Area, you’ll find the key above a tablet inscribed in the wall. The key is inside a closed shaft that you can’t get to from here. Go around the back, hop on the table and face the side the key is placed to look for a broken shaft above you in the wall. Smash into it to break it and get to the key.

The gate is kind of directly in front of the tablet and is very easy to locate.

Taras Nabad Slayer Gate/Key
You’ll find both the gate and the key in the sewer tunnels of the Taras Nabad area. Once in the tunnel, try to go up using the inclined tunnels going upwards.

On your way, you’ll find a med pack directly in front of a path. If you’re going up, it’ll come on your right and path’ll be on your left. Go up this path and turn left to find the key along the gate.

Take the key to open the gate, go up, then turn right, then left and right immediately afterward to get to the gate.