Doom Eternal Sentinel Prime Walkthrough

In this guide, we will discuss the whole step by step walkthrough of the mission Sentinel Prime. In this mission, we have reached the city of Sentinel Prime after traveling through the core of Mars. If you are unsure of how to proceed, our Doom Eternal Sentinel Prime Walkthrough should help.

There is respect for you in this place as the great slayer is considered the warrior king in this world. You will get safe passage because of tradition but you will have to pay a price in order to complete this mission. Hell Priest Grav waits for you.

Doom Eternal Sentinel Prime

When the mission starts there is a cut scene where you will walk through two rows of guards standing in your honor while you have tall statues on the sides that have blue fireballs between their hands.

The Maykr Angel greets you and welcomes you home by calling you great slayer, then a huge gate behind him is opened by the guard. From there you will go out into a pathway.

Move forward and turn right on the staircase and keep following this path until you reach a vault door. It will open for you and through it is a hall. Right ahead of you, there is a skull and interacting with it will activate the lift that will take you down.

When you starting going down there will be cutscene which shows you being dragged by guards, injured, not being able to move, you still show that you have some fight left in you, so Deag Ranak gets you sent to the arena to get you judged like the others.

When the cutscene ends you are in the starting of the same corridor and the whole place is trashed but there is  hologram ahead of the Khan Maykr that says and I quote, “I offer you, oh great powerful one, a sign of truce”.

After that you will take a door on the left and follow this path to another hall and on the other end of this hall is a door that leads to another corridor and halfway through the corridor is another hologram of the Khan Maykr.

After that you will move forward and there will be long corridor with a lot of turns and at the end of it you will have to climb a ledge and then swing from the pole there to the upper floor.

Turn right from the corridor and you will see another skull console and interacting with it open a door on the right.

Jump to it and ahead of you will be a steel door that will open in a moment. From there, go left and up the staircase in the center of the hall. The hologram will appear again.

This time it will say that it pities the humans as they have a hard role to play but it has to save their world as their souls are used for the hell energy and keeping the argent flowing and it cannot let this happen.

You will go up that staircase and then turn right to find the door open and then follow that corridor and jump to the other end there a holographic armor that has a token for you and on it left is the path that will take you back to the top of the same staircase you just climbed.

Then you turn left from there and walk toward the third skull console you see. The lift will take you up and there will be another Khan Maykr hologram which again threatens you.

Then you will walk through the corridor with cages on its sides and at the end of this corridor is a gate that opens into this huge hall with statues all over.

Then a cut scene will play which shows what happened in the arena. Then Deag Grav threatens you and then teleports away from there, opening a cage door that releases a Gladiator that you have to take down.

There will be eyes in his shield that flash green indicating that he is going to attack. After you put him down the first time, stab in its shield’s eye and it break. Now the gladiator will be more aggressive, and you have to be more careful.

After killing the gladiator, you will get a coin and Deag Grav appears and says that this stops and nothing and earth would still be consumed and before he is able to complete the last line, Doomguy blows his head off. After which, several guards appear to fight you, but Vega opens the portal for you and you can leave to complete the mission.