Doom Eternal Praetor Suit Abilities Guide

DOOM Eternal has vastly improved on its predecessor by expanding its arsenal of abilities. Bethesda has added not only more mobility, but went on ahead and gave the slayer a hell of a lot more firepower. This guide will go over all the Doom Eternal Suit Abilities in detail.

Wiping demons has never been so much fun. Speed has always been one of the defining traits of the DOOM franchise; and with the added skillsets, the game has never been better.

Doom Eternal Praetor Suit Abilities

Blood Punch
The Blood Punch upgrade allows you to hit off an enemy with a ton of damage. This is the perfect ability if you want to chop down a big enemy’s large pool of health significantly; it can save you a lot of ammo if used correctly.

The gauge of this ability fills up once you perform a Glory Kill. You can obtain it during the Exultia mission, obtained as a power-up represented by a large yellow gauntlet.

The sandbox around you becomes so much easier to traverse, and that too stylishly. This ability an be obtained during the Exultia mission as you destroy all the three chains withholding the giant.

Dash allows you to cover a large amount of horizontal distance which can help you in getting to certain parts of the map for specific collectibles. Not only that, using this ability during combat is just a ton of fun, as it can lead to some sick gameplay as you take down those annoying Cacodemons with style.

Ice Bomb
Found in the Fortress of Doom after completing Exultia, the Ice Bomb will freeze demons in place allowing you to either put some distance between the both of you, or to execute an ability that you couldn’t have otherwise.

This freeze makes them significantly weaker, allowing you to be able to break them using melee, or to cut down on their health immensely by shooting them.

Flame Belch
After you complete Hell on Earth; VEGA Will tell you that the Flame Belch is ready to be acquired. This weapon, as the name implies, will set your enemies ablaze, and as a bonus, you will always get a guaranteed armor drop from your enemy.

This and the chainsaw weapon, are both abilities you need to employ timely to make sure you can continuously face off against the incoming waves of the underworld.

Speaking of the chainsaw, you seriously thought this baby wouldn’t make it into the game? Use this wisely as it will insta-kill enemies; and not only that, you will get a chance to replenish a ton of ammo for all of your guns and continue your battle.

Frag Grenade
You can find the frag grenade during the Hell on Earth mission towards the end of the level. Throw one of these bad boys into a crowded area to clear it out. It can help you focus immediately onto other areas of the horde without having to worry too much about one section. Use it to keep your damage output consistent without losing too much valuable ammo.

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