Doom Eternal Nekravol Part 2 Collectibles Guide

Nekravol Part 2 is the 11th mission in Doom Eternal and it has 20 collectibles scattered throughout the map. These Collectibles include:

  • Toys: 3
  • Mastery Tokens: 1
  • Codex Pages: 3
  • Cheat Codes: 2
  • Sentinel Crystal: 1
  • Albums: 2
  • Praetor Suit Tokens: 3
  • Secret Encounters: 2
  • Extra Lives: 3

Doom Eternal Nekravol Part 2 Collectibles

In this guide we will get you through each one of these collectibles found in Nekravol Part 2 one by one.

Extra Life #1
First thing that you will get is your first extra life, for that go to the left of the bridge where you start and jump on the boost pad. Propel to the platform on further left and you will find extra life there.

Mastery Token #1
The platform further left to the one you found extra life on has this mastery token.

Album #1 (Secret Encounter #1)
This one is on the platform further left of the platform where you found mastery token. First you will find Album and then right behind album will be Secret Encounter. This encounter will spawn two elementals and you can easily kill them with Ballista.

Sentinel Crystal #1
When you are done with second combat encounter, just look down on the hallway that is to your right instead of left and you will find it.

Codex #1
Now after your third combat encounter, you will find the codex in the hallway straight away.

Toy #1 (Secret Encounter #2)
When you find the codex mentioned above, stay in the hallway and you will find this toy in a hole and right behind the above secret is your second secret encounter.

A hell knight will be spawned on your left and a cyber mancubus on your right, hell knight is easy so try to take it out first and then go for the mancubus.

Cheat Code #1
Before jumping to the tunnel, go ahead and jump to the platform across and when you look down in the corner you will see a breakable wall to the right and secret is behind it.

Codex #2
You will get this right on the story path just after your 4th combat encounter.

Album #2
Just where you find codex mentioned above, you will find this album in the hallway left to the codex. There is a breakable wall and the album is behind it.

Toy #2
When you get to the room with that rotating pillar that also has three spikes on it, you just have to drop down from there to the lowest level and then jump to the platform ahead to find this toy.

Extra Life #2
When you are in the room with those three spiked rotating pillars and you have found your 2nd toy, just jump back from the exit door room and you will find this extra life.

Automap Station
When you get out of the pillar room, you will find this right in the hallway ahead.

Praetor Suit Token #1
Now when you get to the room with that blue energy that is rotating you will find a breakable wall on the left, right where the moving hatch is.

Codex #3
When you are done with the room mentioned above, you will find this codex on your main story path ahead.

Toy #3
Now when you get to the room with that huge boost pad you will find this toy behind another breakable wall that is halfway up.

Extra Life #3
Get to the top of that boost pad room and you will find this extra life. This is right in front of you so highly unlikely to miss.

Praetor Suit token #2
When you get to the next room after getting that third extra life, you will get this token in the back of the room.

Cheat Code #2 (Praetor Suit Token #3)
This cheat code is instant stagger mode and you will get this when you are done with final encounter, get back to the elevator from where you came and go down the hallway that is underneath the floor above and you will find both these collectibles in the hallway.

These are all the collectibles that you can get in the 11th mission of Doom Eternal called Nakravol – Part II.