Doom Eternal Modbot Locations Guide

As you make your way through the various maps of Doom Eternal, you can find Weapon Modbots hidden in different locations. These are robots that allow you to unlock new weapon modes and apply modifications to your weapons. This guide will list the location of each and every Weapon Mod bot in Doom Eternal’s maps.

Doom Eternal ModBot Locations

Once you find a Mod Bot and interact with it, you will be able to unlock a single mod for weapon of your choice. These can be attachments and may even change the overall function of your tool.

Hell on Earth

  1. There is a small enclosed space marked by corpses on the walls in the beginning. You will find a block in this area once you look around a little. Hit it and then climb up and you will spot a health kit and a Modbot to its right.
  2. After meeting Deag Nilox, enter the building on your right and you will find the Modbot.
  3. Head down the stairs of the subway station and the Modbot is by the car that you have to enter.

Fortress of Doom
There are two Weapon Modbots here but you need four Sentinel Batteries to unlock them. Once you’ve completed enough missions to get these, make your way to the Fortress. Enter the room at the back and down the stairs. It is marked by a large yellow pillar in the middle. The Modbots are locked away behind this.

When climb out of the first area that is covered in ooze, you should get down and double jump across the gap to your right. The Modbot is on the path.

Cultist Base
Go through the door to leave the area where you came across the Whiplash demon.  You will find the Modbot right in front of you next to some boxes and ammo.

Doom Hunter Base
At the start of the mission, you must head to the platform that has a skull on it. There is a wall behind you that you must scale and then you will have to jump across two more walls that are facing diagonally. Once you climb up to the platform, you will find the Modbot to the left.

Super Gore Nest

  1. Once you’re done with the first main battle, go through the same opening that Pinky entered through. Scramble up the wall on your right and then onto the wall behind you. You will find the Modbot in a small room at the back.
  2. Head to the room that contains the teleporter and you will find a button behind it. Push it and then go out to the room on the left. There is a path that has the Modbot at the end.

Arc Complex

  1. Go to the room which has rubble on the floor with destroyed ledges above. Use the rubble to reach the ledge on the left and access the room with the Modbot.
  2. There is another Modbot located by a staircase next to a breakable wall. Break through and then drop down from the room to collect it.