DOOM Eternal Mod Unlocks 3rd Person Perspective

Could you imagine playing DOOM Eternal as a 3rd person shooter game? Well, now you won’t have to as modders have given id Software’s latest game a 3rd person perspective.

The Doom franchise is known for its classic first-person perspective gameplay that defined the genre. Older entries in the franchise had a shotgun or a pistol at the center of the screen while you ran around obliterating demons. No one in their right minds could even picture a Doom game in 3rd person perspective.

It looks like some modders like playing it close to the chest. These modders took the risk of unlocking the 3rd person camera for id Software’s DOOM Eternal. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Doom community had an outrage at this blasphemous action.

Jokes aside, The Fearless Cheat Engine community recently found a third-person camera when they went through the code of DOOM Eternal. When this camera is activated, players can wreak havoc in Hell with an all-new perspective. The gameplay of the 3rd person perspective is available for viewing via the following video from Gameplay Store.

Going through the video, we have to admit that it does seem a bit refreshing to see Doom Slayer rip going through hordes of demons in this new perspective. However, the Glory Kills don’t seem as glorious compared to the first-person version od DOOM Eternal.

When you switch between weapons, it feels like demons generously mind their business during that time. Of course, it doesn’t feel like that in the first-person perspective. The mode does have some redeeming qualities. For instance, it feels a lot easier to navigate through levels in 3rd person perspective.

If you wish to try the third-person camera, you can make your way to the forums of the modder community. However, we wouldn’t recommend playing around with important game files if you don’t know what you are doing. Either way, DOOM Eternal is an experience that definitely warrants a second or a third playthrough.

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DOOM Eternal is available on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.