Doom Eternal Mars Core Collectibles Guide

Mars Core is the seventh mission in DOOM Eternal with secret collectibles scattered all over the area where the mission takes place. Some locations of these collectible are clearly visible on the map but the others have to be found and that is where the following Doom Eternal Mars Core Collectibles guide will come in handy.

Doom Eternal Mars Core Collectibles

Toy 1: Prowler
You will need to complete the “Use the Ion Catapult” in order to access the location of this toy in UAV. Even though the marker is shown well in the start of the mission but you must access the catapult first. In the area where you find the control panel for the catapult, go down the other hallway, at the end of which you will find the toy.

Toy 2: Carcass
When you are in meteor and have accessed the location of the Secret Encounter 2 you will be easily able to find the Carcass.

When you have found the encounter as explained in this guide, you will see a jump pad right next to the encounter. Use it to access the room above to find the toy behind the zombie.

Toy 3: Pinky
When you are done dealing with the enemies in Meteor in the several hallways, you will notice a door with a question mark. This door is locked and you cant access it directly. So continue forward clearing the area off of enemies till you reach a place from where you can drop down to the lower level of the facility.

Here you will see a breakable vent and a jump pad nearby. The jump pad will take you to the room which you saw, was closed.

Hidden Praetor Suit Point 1
The first one is in Phobos, in the room inside the BG-10000 where you find the automap station. The several pistons have to be moved up to go forward. You will find the first suit point on the ledge opposite to the critical path.

Hidden Praetor Suit Point 2
In UAV you will face off against Totem, defeat him and follow the critical path  till you reach the building. Instead of going further inside the building look at the left to see the breakable wall. Punch the wall to access the area where the Suit point is.

Hidden Praetor Point 3
As soon as you use the Ion catapult and are in the meteor section,  continue forward and kill the tentacles where you will find the suit point on a high ledge.

Cheat Code-Power up mode: Onslaught
After you use the Ion catapult to fire yourself towards mars, you will find an area with a lot of corridors. As soon as you clear the area of off the first wave of enemies follow the map which will take you to the intended location. You will find the code at the end of the hallway.

Slayer Key
Slayer keys are what you need in order to open the slayer gates and kill the hostiles to get hold of the one of six empyrean keys. You will find one in this mission too.

Once you are in the hall filled will enemies, kill them and find the control panel in the centre of the area. Interact with the panel which will reveal a platform with two breakable vents. Break the right one to get the Slayer Key.

Secret Encounter 1
When you are in the UAC you can find this encounter right next to the Praetor Suit Point 2 which have been explained above. When you clear the area off of enemies, follow the critical path to enter the structure, keep a look on the left side to find a breakable wall, break it and you can access two collectibles here including Secret Encounter 1 and the Suit.

Secret Encounter 2
This one can be found in the Meteor right after when you swing your way out of the facility and onto the floating platforms outside. Don’t go out instead turn back and open the door which will take you back into the facility. Find the breakable vent to access the teleporter behind it which will take you to the location.

Hidden Sentinel Battery 1
In Phobos, you will fight on the bridge of BG-1000. Once the area is clear continue forward and follow the path to drop the maintenance hatch that will open. Now instead of following the critical path, turn around and jump you way up to the platforms to find the battery.

Hidden Sentinel Battery 2
While you are in Meteor you will find an area where you are supposed to jump across multiple platform to reach a building. Now instead of entering the building turn around and jump to the last structure just before the building where you will find the battery on the top.

Album: Doom 64 – Intro  
In Meteor right after you acquire the third Praetor suit you will find a jump bad with some swing bars along the critical path. Use the jump pad but instead of going straight, turn around and you will notice a question mark on a ledge. This question mark is the album you are looking for.

Album: Quack Champions- Goroth
You will find this in the same place where you found the slayer key, only this time you have to break the left breakable vent and you will be able to access the location of this album.