Doom Eternal Leak: Skins, Hub, Plot Points, Helmetless Doomguy

There has allegedly been a massive leak for Doom Eternal by someone claiming to be a game tester. These anonymous postings seldom need to be taken seriously, especially when the platform has been called out several times in the past. However, this one comes with screenshots and details, some of which id Software has already teased but never really explained. In addition, the source is the same one who leaked Doom 2016 all those years ago. Do note that what follows are possibly spoilers, if they come out to be accurate in the end.

Beginning with cosmetics. Doom Eternal will have a number of skins for Doomguy and his weapons. They will all need to be unlocked through either gameplay or microtransactions. The skins, though, include some classics like the Plasma Rifle from Doom 3 and the Doomguy design from the comic books.

Speaking of microtransactions, you’ll be able to purchase power-ups to make the single-player campaign easier. There’s no word on how this will work — maybe bonus armor and health boosts? Expect a lot of noise to be made once this leak becomes official since Bethesda Softworks is already in a bad place for its fleecing habits.

Remember when executive producer Marty Stratton let slip the hub at QuakeCon 2019? The Doom Eternal leak mentions the hub as well and it’s definitely a place for Doomguy to hang out. The area supposedly has captive demons to fight, a shooting range for weapons, the Super Turbo Turkey Puncher mini-game, and such.

Also, you won’t be just fighting demons this time around. You’ll be taking the fight to the high heavens as well to rip and tear corrupted angels. If the source is legitimate, the final boss will be one of these rogue angels who’ll transform into the Icon of Sin at the end.

Anyone who has tried going through the lore would know how confusing it actually is. There have already been two reboots, and one installment that was scrapped. It can become messy when trying to find out what’s canon. Doom Eternal, at least according to the leak, will set the record straight once and for all. It’s why the storytelling will switch between timelines to reveal that Doomguy and Doomslayer are the same and just stuck in an eternal time loop. As such, the introductory chapter will be a prequel where you learn how to use the Crucible from the Night Sentinels. You’ll get back to the present right after.

What can be termed as fan-service, Doomguy will have his helmet knocked off in one particular instance. You’ll be able to see his face in full before he shows off that malicious grin from the classic Doom games and jumps back into the demonic pits.

Doom Eternal’s campaign will last somewhat longer than its predecessor. It’s estimated to be around 18 to 22 hours, and longer if you’re the type who wants to explore and not rush. In this regard, the leak claims that you’ll be going through eighteen levels in total.

You better prepare for chaos. Doom Eternal is set to arrive for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on November 22, 2019. There’s also a Google Stadia version in the works for those interested.

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