Doom Eternal Final Sin Walkthrough

Final Sin is the concluding mission of the Doom Eternal campaign. The Icon of Sin has been resurrected and he plans to destroy the Earth. And Earth’s only hope lies on the Doom Slayer. At the start of this mission, you will arrive at Earth, to stop the Icon of Sin. In this guide, we have the complete Final Sin mission walkthrough for you.

Doom Eternal Final Sin

Reach the Icon of Sin
At the start of the mission, make your way to the checkpoint. At the checkpoint, an Aura of UAC spokesperson will appear saying that ‘The Doom Marine cannot save you. No one can save you.’

Then start moving towards the next checkpoint, in which you will have to jump to the next building.

At the checkpoint, you will have to face off against a variety of different monsters. Make sure to use your most powerful weapons to clear them easily. There will be huge waves of monsters that will take some effort to clear off.

After you clear off all the enemies in the building, a new checkpoint will appear in which you will have to another building. From here, you have to climb up the successive walls up to reach the next ruined building.

There will be some monsters on these walls which you will have to clear to proceed further. You will have to keep jumping on walls on different buildings to reach the next checkpoint.

While moving towards the checkpoint, you will reach an elevator shaft. Shoot the button to slightly lower the elevator. Now climb into the shaft, jump on the wall and climb higher.

While on your way to reach the top, you will be greeted by an army of monsters. You can either fight them or run up the stairs.

At the top of the building, climb the wall where you will face a horde of enemies. Again, you will have to clear them before proceeding further. Then use the bars to jump to the next building and in typical DOOM fashion, kill even more demons. Climb the walls and run up the stairs to the next enemies.

At the top of the building, you will face a giant wave of the most powerful demons in the mission so far. After you clear all the enemies, you will then have to complete the platforming sequence and you will finally get to the game’s final boss.

Icon of Sin Boss Fight
To defeat the Icon of Sin, you will have to destroy all of Icon of Sin’s armor pieces to disable its protective energy shell. There are 8 armor pieces in total, each covering a body part. Shooting at exposed points does nothing and you have to shoot down armor from all body parts first.

During the fight, there will also be small enemies attacking you during the fight. Keep moving during the fight to escape his devastating attacks. His attacks include fist attacks, breathing fire, and powerful ranged attacks.

Once you destroy the 8 armoured points on the beast’s body, you will start the second phase. It looks the same as before, except you have to destroy the boss’s body parts. There will be even more monsters on the arena along with the boss.

You will have to destroy all the 8 body parts. The best technique is to focus one body part at a time. Keep moving while attacking to dodge his dangerous attacks.

After you successfully destroy all the body parts, the boss will finally die. Congratulations! You are Earth’s savior from the demon invasion! This is the end of the Doom Eternal main campaign

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