Doom Eternal Developer Talks About PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett, Ray Tracing and More

Id Software has been around for 25 years now. That means all the little tykes who played Doom in the 90s are most likely adults by now. Is it possible to keep such a long-lasting fanbase satisfied to this day? Id Software seems to think so as they explain the evolution of the Doom games. Doom Eternal is being set up to be the perfect gift to old fans as well as new ones. This is on a conceptual and technical aspect as Doom Eternal developers talk about next-gen consoles, Ray Tracing and more.

Executive producer Marty Stratton talked about Id Software’s in-house engine. Specifically, he mentioned how convenient and useful having an in-house engine was. This was since it put no limits on the team at id Software regarding how creative they could be. References to Stadia have been made as well.

The Orion engine also allows for maximized optimization. Stratton listed off the Nintendo Switch, a high-end PC and every current-Gen option as a valid candidate to run Doom Eternal. He also added that the engine is flexible and optimized enough for the team to plan in the long run. This means we could see Doom Eternal port forward to the Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 potentially.

When it comes to relying on something like the Unreal Engine, it comes down to another team. Depending on another entity entirely, basically. That’s why having the engine within the very same roof is a gift on its own. It allows for superior visuals, frame rates, and all the other works.

Regarding Ray Tracing, here’s what Stratton had to say about id Software’s plans:

“The team has been spending a lot of time looking at that, we just haven’t gone fully down that road yet because we’re just so focused on Doom Eternal and getting that out. Ray tracing is about better visuals but not necessarily more users, so that’s where we look at something like streaming and make it a priority overall for us because it means more people can play games.”

He also mentioned how their objective is to lead whatever field they take part in. Similar to how Vulkan was the leader in Streaming and VR. So expect Doom Eternal Ray Tracing in the future as well.

Creative director Hugo Marton described the evolution of Doom along with its growing fans. Specifically, he talked about how the game remains the same at its core principle. That is of being a demon-slaying hell-based shooter. Doom has always been a power fantasy game. Doom Eternal won’t be doing it any differently. In fact, it’ll actually be evolving.

Source: Videogamechronicle

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