DOOM Eternal Day One Patch Size Revealed

According to TwistedVoxel, DOOM Eternal will get a patch on day one and it will have a file size of 5.1 GB while the game's size will be 37 GB for Xbox One.

The disk size for the DOOM Eternal day one patch has been confirmed. The upcoming id Software title will have a hefty day one update that will be part of the game for Xbox One and PS4.

You can download the DOOM Eternal day one patch right now. According to TwistedVoxel, update 1.01 is around 5.1 GB in size. This patch size is excluded from the size of the game itself. Going by Microsoft Store’s listing, DOOM Eternal has a size of 37 GB. However, this file size is only applicable to the Xbox One version. The game’s file size may vary for the PS4 and PC version.

Bethesda Softworks put up DOOM Eternal’s system requirements on Steam but was quick to take them down. According to these requirements, 50 GB of hard disk space was needed for the game.

A game receiving a big patch on day one means that either the game was unfinished or it has some issues. It is highly likely that some issues made their way into the final product. They only way to make amends would definitely be through a patch. However, id Software could have certain improvements in mind for the upcoming DOOM game. The purpose of this patch could be to implement these improvements as soon as possible.

DOOM is a first-person shooter game that was originally released in 1993. For the time, the game was revolutionary for the FPS genre. The franchise continued getting installments until its recent revival in 2016 with DOOM. Bethesda Softworks and id Software knocked it out of the part with this latest rendition of the DOOM series. The fast-paced gameplay coupled with gory executions made the game one of the best single-player shooter games.

Fast forward to 2020 and we are awaiting the arrival of DOOM Eternal. The UI and accessibility options of the game were reportedly beefed up to accommodate players’ various needs. On top of that, the game’s executive producer stated that 60 fps was critical for the upcoming DOOM title. id Software announced last year that the game would be delayed. The developers of the game needed more time to finish the game.

The wait is almost over and the game is almost upon us. We can’t wait to tear apart demons and wreak havoc once again. DOOM Eternal is set to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on March 20.