Doom Eternal Codex Entries Locations Guide

With all the demons to kill, who cares about the backstory? For those that do, however, there is a deep history and lore to both the Doom world, its locations, and its character and these are learned through codex entries hidden throughout the game. This Doom Eternal Codex Entries Locations guide will help you find them.

Doom Eternal Codex Entries Locations

There are five different types of codex entries, each with its own subject matter, which are:

  • Story of Earth
  • Story of Hell
  • Story of the Sentinels
  • ARC Broadcasts
  • Dr. Elena Dictaphone Recordings

Each mission has its own set of entries to find so let’s get right to it folks.

Hell on Earth

  1. The first one is in a corridor after one of your first major battle. The corridor you need to go into will be distinguished by green lanterns hanging outside it.
  2. After your encounter with Deag Nilox along the same path you’ll see Codex right on the edge of a ledge.
  3. Inside the Scott mall building climb up the ledge on the opposite side of the room to, come jump across a gap in the floor to find it on your left.
  4. After making your way through the broken down subway train. Instead of turning right to continue the mission, head straight on until you hit a dead end to find a codex.
  5. In the level’s final area go around the statue in the middle of two sets of stairs, now the mission will tell you to press a skull shaped button but look right and head up the small staircase, your query will be through the archway
  6. Opposite of previous codex entry. In the large room, head left. You’ll come across a closed steel gate, which you will have seen as you walk past the statue.

Fortress of Doom

  1. You start in Doom Slayer’s Space HUB, opposite from the portal are head into the room behind you. Climb down the stairs at the end Walk around the circular mechanism in front of you and head down another set of stairs to find an entry in Doom Slayer’s office.
  2. The rest of the Codex entries here are in the form of Audio Logs, each time you enter you get a new one to a total of four. Use the ARC Broadcast monitor to your left to listen to the latest broadcast


  1. Swing across the chasm at the start and to the left of the platform on which you landed will be a wall growing green, meaning it is breakable. Bust through and before moving on look left for a codex entry.
  2. At a point there will come another chasm which you have to cross using your swing bar, your double jump and the dash ability to get across, climb up to the top. Immediately turn around and you will see this Codex Entry by a giant steel gate. Jump across the gap to reach it
  3. After you enter and maneuver around the room with large spinning blades and climb to the next floor, look for a chain you can break the codex entry is right across from it.
  4. After the cutscene with King Novik, before you walk into the next room with lightning striking across the ceiling, look to your right to find the entry.
  5. In the lava area of this mission right as you are about to enter three massive archways to enter the next area, take the path to your right to find this Codex Entry.
  6. In the area with the circular disks that fall into the lava below if you stand on them too long, head down the rocky cliffs to the left to get the entry.
  7. After your cutscene with The Betrayer, while you move on to the path to the Grav Lift you can find the entry is on a small path to the left before you head upwards.

Cultist Base

  1. The Codex entry is right at the start, you can find it by turning right and looking for it in the corner.

Doom Hunter Base

  1. In the room with the stair leading up to an energy column erupting upwards behind the pane of glass, the Codex entry will be in front of you by a medical kit after you reach the energy column.
  2. Before you head left to get the Fifth Rune ability, look to your right and you’ll see the entry.
  3. As you approach your first Doom hunter Fight it will be literally in your path, you can’t miss it.

ARC Complex

  1. An audio log is located at the top of a set of stairs after the laundromat room. Walk to the top you’ll see the console on your right.
  2. In a room where the floor has collapsed head up the rubble ramp and look to your left for a breakable wall. Go through it and the entry is halfway up the stares
  3. In a room where you need to complete some platforming to reach the next objective marker. A little ways up you’ll see a box you can melee. Punch it to the edge of the platform. Climb it and jump across to the open window. The audio log can be heard from the console.
  4. As you reach an area with patterns on the wall, head up and walk around to your left to find it.
  5. Mario’s a la Carte restaurant has another entry, to find it walk towards the kitchen in the back, and turn left right before entering it to find the entry.
  6. In the area where the floor collapses and causes you to fall, make your way back up and into the room on your left. The entry is on the side of a generator on the back.
  7. In the corridor with electrical faults that try to electrocute you to death. You will notice the locked door up ahead. Head down the corridor towards another open door. Before you go through, turn left and into a small room on your left. Head inside and push the button on the small console. Walk back to the locked door, which is now open and get the codex entry.
  8. Inside the indoor car park look for a room titled ‘Exterior Access’. Head inside to find another audio log console.
  9. The last codex entry and audio log of this mission is inside Hayden’s main office. Walk around to the left-hand side to find the audio log console.

Mars Core

  1. The First one appears when you enter a doorway glowing green. Head down this path and at the end, turn left to find the Codex Entry.
  2. In the Lost City of Hebeth. As you head down the hill to enter the destroyed city, look to your right. The entry will be spinning at the base of some old steps.

Sentinel Prime

  1. The first one appears literally in your path at the beginning. Can’t miss it.
  2. The second also appears right in front you after you ride the elevator down and witness a cutscene.
  3. After the Khan Makyr’s hologram scene, make your way to the stairs and into the circular corridor, the entry is right where on the exit of the corridor.
  4. Head into a room that has a red light hue in its doorway. You’ll see the entry behind a gate in front of you.
  5. In this same room you’ll have to jump up two ledges to reach the next floor.
  6. After another holographic conversation with the Khan, take the path right of the stairs and the entry will be at the dead end.
  7. Continue on, after climbing up the aforementioned stairs, the entry will be to your left if you follow the path forward.
  8. At the final Khan Makyr transmission. Before you head towards it, turn around. The entry is behind you.
  9. After walking down the corridor with the caged demons. Before you fight the Gladiator, turn right to see the entry.

Taras Nabad

  1. Before heading over the bridge towards Taras Nabad’s entrance, and before you fight with the daemons there turn left and look for the entry on the edge of the platform.
  2. After your refreshing dip in the toxic water follow the path into a small courtyard. The Codex Entry is on top of a podium.
  3. After the cutscene with the hooded figure. Check the left side of the podium to get the next codex entry.
  4. In the courtyard where the fallen Titan lies. Look to your right as you enter to find the entry.
  5. At a point you will need to cross a broke bridge, instead jump down off the ledge to another platform and follow it to a table with the entry on top.
  6. After you open the vault doors with the lever puzzle. Head past the altar and go to your left is another entry.
  7. After another toxic water puzzle the last entry is in the small room before you drop down.

Nekravol Part One

  1. The first is you can find in this mission is at the end of a hallway where you drop down to grab some armor, or jump over a ledge to reach a small enclave.
  2. After you fight the Marauder. Follow the path to a dead end with a health kit and some ammo, this is also the place for the last entry for this mission.

Nekravol Part Two

  1. In the room where you can pick up an Overdrive power up, the codex come along your path when you follow your waypoint marker and can’t be missed.
  2. In one of the main rooms of the Soul Processing area the objective marker leads you on by having you jumping up a climbing wall, the entry is just in the next corridor.
  3. Just keep following your quest marker, eventually in an area with three spiked gates the codex will appear in your path, pretty hard to miss.

Well that’s it for our Doom Eternal Codex Entries Locations guide.

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