Doom Eternal Cheat Code Locations Guide

DOOM Eternal gives players the option to mess with the game’s mechanics using cheat codes. There are not a lot of them in the game, but the ones available are extremely OP. This guide will show you every single cheat code location currently available in DOOM Eternal.

Doom Eternal Cheat Code Locations

To actually be able to use the cheat codes, you need to get some floppy disks; which are a collectible item in the game. Every floppy disk you collect will unlock a unique cheat code in the game.

Now that you have the cheat codes unlocked, travel to the Fortress of Doom and use the mission terminal to activate a cheat code. Using these cheat codes, you can either amp up the difficulty of the game or make it easier.

Note: You need to complete a level legitimately first before you can use a cheat code in it.

Infinite Extra Lives – Gives the player infinite lives.
Location: Hell On Earth – You’ll find this inside the area where you get to after climbing a wall and jumping over a ledge to get an armor. Inside you also find worm creatures pop out of the ground. You’ll find the cheat code after you climb up a box directly opposite of a worm creature with stairs behind it. Go up the box and break the breakable path to get to it.

Powerup Mode: Onslaught – Activates the Onslaught powerup which lasts for the entire duration of the mission.
Location: Mars Core – After you get shot into a base with the celestial cannon, kill all the humanoid terminators standing on the high ground up the stairs. Having killed them, go through the passageway on the left and take the first right, then right again and the cheat will be in front of you.

Powerup Mode: Overdrive – Activates the Overdrive powerup which lasts for the entire duration of the mission.
Location: Taras Nabad – From the belly of the giant demon stone, go to the path on the right to find a well to fall through it. Move along the path leading downwards to find a breakable wall on the left in the room that you get to. Go to the left to the cheat code placed in front of a gate.

Powerup Mode: Berserk – Activates the Berserk powerup but this only works on Exultia, ARC Complex, Mars Core, Hell on Earth and Super Gore Nest.
Location: Urdak – Left of the 3 giant glasses that project the laser is an area with a semi-circular path going beneath it and breakable wall that can be reached from the platform above, just outside the door. Jump and break it to get inside and take it.

Silver Bullet Mode – Gives the player the ability to kill staggered demons with just one hit from explosions, dashing, projectiles or Flame Belch.
Location: Doom Hunter’s Base – This one is at the top of the area where you get to by way of climbable wall all over the place. Just keep going up until you get to high platform with a green skull to interact with. Interact with it to open the path to another climbable wall which will lead you to the cheat code on the top.

IDDQD – Grants player Sentinel Armor which lasts for the entire duration of the mission.
Location: Cultist Base – Inside the room with the skull in the middle surrounded by 6 or so cages. The cheat code is in the locked cage above the skull, which will unlock once you’ve broken the locks to all the cages around it and killed the demons inside. Once done, the cage will lift revealing he cheat code. Swing on he monkey bar on the side to get up there.

PraetorFully Upgrades Suit.
Location: Fortress of Doom – Unlocks after Sentinel Prime. From the main space room, head to the center area with the red fiery laser in the center. There, you can easily locate the cheat code on a platform above you. Shoot the red mark on the middle window on right top to activate the air duct so you can get up there to grab it.

All Runes – Unlocks every single Rune.
Location: Fortress of Doom – You’ll find the cheat code at the place where you place the sentinel battery in order to unlock the Original Predator Suit. From that room, fall down from the left window to catch the window with the cheat code on the way down.

Party Mode – Demons burst into confetti on full body gib, lower body gib, upper body gib, limb loss, and fatal headshots.
Location: Nekravol – From the area with the blue laterns, head down to the dungeons where there is a steep fall. If you stand at the edge, the cheat code is directly beneath you inside a breakable wall. Jump to the ledge on the side and then jump to the breakable wall segment and smash to break it. You’ll probably fall down doing it and will have to come back again to retrieve the cheat code.

Instant Stagger Mode – Allows the player to instantly stagger demons by just a single hit from explosions, dashing, projectiles or Flame Belch. Does not work on special bosses.
Location: Nekravol – This is inside an elevator shaft like tube at the back of the main area. You have to fall though it and get to a platform midway to get to it. There is also a holographic knight at the end of this platform.

Famine Mode – Stops Demons from dropping armor or health when they die.
Location: Nekravol – Inside the dungeon is an area with crushing gates and skeletal lift. Through the gates and below a lift is situated the cheat code.

QuakeCon Mode – Plays an audience cheer depending on your gameplay.
Obtained upon fully upgrading the Praetor Suit.

Activate All Cheats – Enables every single cheat code that has been unlocked.

IDKFA – Unlocks every single weapon and piece of equipment in the game, and also masters all the weapons.
Location: Super Gore Nest – Inside the building where the Slayer Gate is located, stand at the point where the broken glass leading to the front area is in front of you and stair leading to the slayer gate on the right (soul extraction point). Jump through the window to swing across the bar and get to the ledge directly ahead. Head inside and fall down the hole in the ground to get it.

Infinite Ammo – Grants infinite ammo.
Location: Super Gore Nest – Outside the nest in the lava area, you’ll see that the cheat code is inside a closed area in a wall above the lava directly in front of the broken bridge. You have to get behind that place and break through the entrance at the back by jumping at it from the wall directly in front of it to get to the cheat code.