Doom Eternal Artbook Contains This Iconic Spoiler

Be warned that the official artbook of Doom Eternal has been leaked a month ahead of launch. There are some massive spoilers between the pages and in customary fashion are already floating on the internet.

The following contains a few scans from the artbook and hence, you are free to either continue on or fall back. In the case of the latter, it would also be best to use caution when browsing online, at least until Doom Eternal finally releases.

… the point of no return…

Taken from the infamous 4chan forums, the artbook shows off illustrations as well as in-game models of some of the bosses that players will be taking on in Doom Eternal. While it was strongly suggested before, the appearance of the Icon of Sin in Doom Eternal can now be confirmed. The massive goat-like biomechanical being could be seen — head only — in the Necropolis in the 2016 reboot and was the final boss encountered in the original Doom 2 installment. In the sequel, the Icon of Sin will apparently be running amok on the ground as evident from the images below. Also known as the “Dark One” and the “Gatekeeper” in the lore, the creature can spawn endless scores of demons.

The artbook also shows the Doom Slayer (or Doomguy) without his helmet. Past trailers had already teased the character without his signature armor and a certain rumor also suggested that players will be able to unlock a skin that does away with the helmet. The illustration below shows just what to expect, albeit the in-game model would be a bit different.

Furthermore, the artbook confirms that Doom Eternal will have gigantic mechs, which id Software has never even hinted in the past. Whether players will be able to pilot them remains to be confirmed but it certainly looks like they will be. The largest of them will apparently be called Arc Giant Mech, based on the illustration alone. As trivia, the wormhole portal used to travel between Mars and Earth in the 2005 film adaptation was dubbed Ark.

Doom Eternal remains in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also release for Nintendo Switch but at a later date that id Software will announce when the time is right. In addition, Doom Eternal is also coming to Google Stadia, which remains without a release date as well.

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