Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Part One Slayer Gate Locations Guide

Slayer Gates are some of the best challenges found in DOOM Eternal, and honestly the most entertaining to complete. In this DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part One Slayer Gate Locations Guide, we’ll be giving you a gist of what you should expect from this challenge.

Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Part One Slayer Gate Locations

Accessing the Slayer Gate requires you to find the Key lying around somewhere on the map.

Lucky for us, both of those things can be found in close proximity to each other in the new DLC for DOOM Eternal.

UAC Atlantica Facility Slayer Gate

Slayer Key
The Slayer Key can be found as you make your way forward through the UAC Atlantica map.

When you reach the large part of the facility, that leads through the large linear hallway. Check the picture below for reference.

Turn back, and climb up the boxes. Jump to the bars below you, and swing across, dodging carefully past the drone’s attacks.

To the right, you’ll find a vent emitting a purple light. Punch through to find the secret Slayer Key lying dormant, waiting to be collected by the Doom Slayer.

The Slayer Gate
For this map, you’ll be able to find the Slayer Gate exactly where you found the Slayer Key.

Head past the newly opened grates after you collect the Slayer Key, and turn left. Go through the hallway, and you’ll find the Gate at the very first left.

Turn the key, and prepare yourself for the challenge.

Make sure you’re armed and carefully utilize each weapon. Don’t waste anything valuable until something big shows up.

The first few waves are going to be fairly simple, so make sure to utilize the Pulse Rifle and the Double-Barrel Shotgun to wipe the floor while you can.

However, you might want to amp up the firepower as you progress further. Don’t forget to use the chainsaw every once in a while.

Without ammo, you’re going to find yourself quickly outmatched against a large number of demons.

Make sure you’re at the highest difficulty to REALLY enjoy the challenge.

The Holt

Slayer Key
When you reach the small waterfall, climb up the fallen log, and proceed to the top. Turn to the left, and jump onto the platform.

Make your way across and turn left to find the Slayer Key for the gate in this mission.

The Slayer Gate
Make your way back up the waterfall, and climb the same platform that you did previously, and take the alternative path to proceed forward.

Jump down, and take the path branching to the right. Fight your way through the small wave of demons, and you’ll come across a pole to swing across.

Don’t use the bar, and instead turn right to find the slayer gate for this mission.

At this point, you should probably have an idea of what you’re putting yourself into. This slayer gate, however, is definitely less challenging than the one we previously faced, but difficult nonetheless.

You’re opposed by 2 Maykr Drones and the Baron of Hell initially. The challenge only gets denser and tougher from this point on.

Try to maintain a flow throughout the map, and move through a familiar path.

If at any point you get stuck on terrain, you’re certain to die. Move in a circle and try to periodically dish out damage to whatever foe comes in front.

Go for the finishing blow, when you know you can take the enemy out. Slowly yet steadily, you’ll be able to wipe the gate of all demon infestation.

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