Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Part 2 World Spear Collectibles Guide

In this Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Part 2 World Spear Collectibles guide, we’ll cover all the collectibles in the World Spear level so that you don’t miss a single thing rip and tearing through the Ancient Gods Part 2 of Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Part 2 World Spear Collectibles Locations

The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC contains three single-player levels with lots and lots of enemies, hidden locations, unforeseen challenges, and plenty of collectibles.

Extra Life 1
When you clear the fountain area from the armored barons and cyber mancubi, go to the corridor on your left and push the skill that is in the right corner there. The extra life will be behind another gate that is on the right side of the arena, just past the fountain from the skull.

BFG Ammo 1
When you get to the other arena where you face whiplash, go to the back right corner of the area and you will find this extra life. Keep in mind that getting this extra life will lock you in a dungeon with two mancubi.

Extra Life 2
This extra life will be in the stone imp arena, when you reach at the end of the area. Go up the bridge and then you will have to jump in the opening on the opposite wall and you will find the extra life in the pipe.

The map will be in the large open snowy area, which is purposefully designed for combat, and you will also face a cyber mancubus when you jump across the large gorge. The cyber mancubus is guarding the map terminal, just get rid of the mancubus and then grab the map.

Extra Life 3
This one a 2x extra life but a tough one to get. Just go left from the automap position and you will see a floating grapple point. The 2x extra life is above that floating grapple point, so make sure to get enough lift to grab the extra life and get back to the ground.

Codex 1
The way to this codex is pretty straightforward, just jump to the other side of the cliff where you found the previous extra life. Go straight and then look to your right to find this codex floating in the air.

BFG Ammo 2
From the codex location, go to your left and jump through the grappling point and then floating grapple to reach the ammo high up in the mountain. Beware as there is a high risk of you falling down here.

Escalation Encounters
You will have two escalation encounters or special arena battles. You will get to the place when you get past the ice cavern, use the respawning explosives to start the encounter. In the first encounter, you will get a sentinel hammer upgrade and much more ammo. In the second encounter, you will get the world spear slayer cosmetic.

Codex 2
This codex is the last collectible of the world spear; it will appear at the very end of the level. Get to the world spire and the codex page will be right in the middle of those yellow ghostly figures.