Doom Eternal Allows You to Be a Demon

Doom Eternal was finally shown to us by Bethesda at Quake-Con revealing the new and big changes coming to the game. id Software’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin showed off a brand new multiplayer mode called Invasions in Doom Eternal.

This mode will allow everyone to invade someone else’s single player campaign and be as much destructive as you can be by being a Demon which will give Doom slayer a real taste of hell. Besides that, Doom Eternal does feature the traditional gameplay though there aren’t any details about it yet.

The Invasion stuff is just kind of one of the ways that we’re going to make the Doom experience social. But we’re not really going deep into that. We are working on a PvP component. It is new. It’s not an extension of what we did last time. So it’s new. It is something we’re developing internally, which we didn’t do last time. I think players are gonna really enjoy it.

It’s very Doom, It’s very good.

That’s not it, Doom Slayer’s armor is getting a big change making him ready to take on more Demons than we ever thought of in Doom Eternal.

There was an interesting surprise for Nintendo Switch users as well as Doom Eternal is also coming to Nintendo Switch and it will be ported by Panic Button who’s known for their ports to Switch such as Wolfenstein 2 and more.

There’s a lot of new things in the game including new weapons including a shoulder-mounted flamethrower, a dash ability and melee blade to give you an advantage over Demons.

There’s no release date yet for the game but most likely it will come sometime in 2019 so be prepared.

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