Doom Eternal Will Have Greater Accessibility and UI Customization Options

DOOM Eternal's executive producer showcased the game's extensive accessibility and UI customization options in a video with IGN.

Developers have been working on providing a greater range of accessibility options to players in their upcoming games. id Software is no exception. They intend to include a multitude of accessibility and UI customization options in DOOM Eternal.

The executive producer of DOOM Eternal, Marty Stratton showcased a myriad of accessibility and customization options in a recent video with IGN. This six-minute long video gives us a brief look at all the new options.

It looks like id Software paid special attention to colorblind people in the latest DOOM game. The video shows a UI that includes the option to adjust for various colorblind modes. These colorblind modes include Tritanopia, Protanopia, and Deuteranopia. The UI also includes ” Colorblind rendering modes”. Players can adjust the strength, intensity, contrast, and brightness of these various modes.

The first person shooter will also have several presets for button layouts on the controller. Players will be able to customize the controller layout according to their liking. This wasn’t possible in DOOM 2016 but Eternal seems to be more user-friendly in this regard. Graphic options seem as extensive as before although you can adjust the field of view this time, even on consoles.

The profile color of the HUD also includes this level of detail. The HUD’s color and its opacity can also be changed. Players will also have the option to turn off the HUD entirely. This will present a hardcore and brutal challenge for gamers. Having no compass, boss health bar and object markers could prove to be the ultimate test for players. The crosshair style can also be adjusted according to your personal preference.

Last year, id Software announced that DOOM Eternal would be delayed. The developers needed more time to polish the game and present a product that they could be proud of. DOOM Eternal is set to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on March 20.