DOOM Classic Map Levers Locations ‘Unlock All Classic Maps Guide

There are quite a few Classic Map Levers hidden throughout DOOM’s singleplayer campaign. As the name suggests, these levers essentially unlock a Classic Map secret. It is a good idea to check every nook and cranny to find them all.

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DOOM Classic Map Levers Locations

In case you are not the one for searching every nook and cranny, our DOOM Classic Map Levers locations guide will tell exactly where to go in order to get to these levers:


Classic Map Lever #1
After dealing with a group of The Possessed, do not go down the hill and take a left. From this point, you need to drop down, continue along the path, and drop down again.

In this area, you will find a Field Drone on an upper ledge. A little ahead, you will find the lever inside the nearby cage on the left side.

Resource Operations

Classic Map Lever #2
After dropping through the maintenance bay door, climb the crates near the end, follow the right side railings, and climb the ledge on the left side to find the lever.


Classic Map Lever #3
Once you are on the bridge overlooking the Gore Nest, jump over the left railing and onto a platform containing the lever.

Argent Facility

Classic Map Lever #4
Near the start of the mission, look behind the barrels on the left side in order to find the lever.

Argent Facility Destroyed

Classic Map Lever #5
You need to jump on the octagonal platform at the very start of the mission and look directly behind cargo in order to find the lever.

VEGA Central Processing

Classic Map Lever #6
After heading through the blue keycard door, head left inside Sector P Access and through another blue keycard door to find an AutoMap Station, an Elite Guard, and the lever.

Advanced Research Complex

Classic Map Lever #7
Once you have disabled the force field, jump across the platforms to access the top of rock formation. From there, you need to reach the pipes and drop down in order to find the lever.

Titan’s Realm

Classic Map Lever #8
You need to eliminate enemies in the area beyond the yellow gate and interact with the Skull Switch to reveal the lever near the entrance of the room.

Argent Energy Tower

Classic Map Lever #9
After activating Argent Drones, head to 4-A in order to ride the drone which will keep you all the way up. From there, you should be able to jump forward and find the lever.

Lazarus Labs

Classic Map Lever #10
You need to head inside the room with the pit, go down the stairs, and find the switch in the right-hand-side corner.

Kadingir Sanctum

Classic Map Lever #11
You need to head inside the small cave across from the exit after defeating the Barons of Hell to find the lever inside.

Argent D’Nur

Classic Map Lever #12
After interacting with the second Secret Skull Switch once you have dealt with the first Wraith, drop down and inside the area on the right side. Continue to follow the path and onto a ledge that has the lever.

The Necropolis

Classic Map Lever #13
Once you have acquired the Yellow Skull, get to the exit portal, and search the corner on the right side to find the lever.

This is all we have on DOOM Classic Map Levers locations guide. If there is something else that you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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