DOOM AutoMap Stations Location ‘Unlock Map Areas Guide

Scattered around the singleplayer campaign of DOOM are AutoMap Stations. DOOM AutoMap Stations essentially download the map data for a specific map where it is found and allows players to access the explorable space.

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DOOM AutoMap Stations

Our DOOM AutoMap Stations locations guide will help you find all the Automap Stations in the game:


AutoMap Station #1
After dealing with a group of The Possessed, do not go down the hill and take a right into a cavern to find a station inside.

Resource Operations

AutoMap Station #2
After interacting with the computer to reset the power and get the satellite aligned, head down the steps and find the station on the left side.


AutoMap Station #3
You need to follow the conveyer belt to an open door. You need to head inside, clear the area, and reach the top floor in order to find the station near the walkway.

Argent Facility

AutoMap Station #4
After heading inside the Cooling Tower door, get to the lower level and open the jammed door to find the station inside.

Argent Energy Tower

AutoMap Station #5
Before scaling the tower using the Jump Boots, head inside the door located on the right side of the elevator to find the station.

Kadingir Sanctum

AutoMap Station #6
After you encounter a Mancubus from the skull door across the short bridge, you need to clear the area, and enter the room in order to find the station inside.

Argent Facility Destroyed

AutoMap Station #7
After clearing the lobby of all the monsters, grab the log from the left side and the station along the far wall.

Advanced Research Complex

AutoMap Station #8
Before activating the Access Control, you will find the station near the security office.

Lazarus Labs

AutoMap Station #9
You need to head inside Sector 5 door and into the second maintenance door. From there, drop down into the room below and find the station in there.

Titan’s Realm

AutoMap Station #10
You need to head inside the portal in the center of the lower level and find the station on the left side.

The Necropolis

AutoMap Station #11
After acquiring the Yellow Skull from the pedestal and find the station on the right-hand-side of the pedestal.

VEGA Central Processing

AutoMap Station #12
You need to head inside the Sector P Access on the left side and find the station lined against the left-hand-side wall.

Argent D’Nur

AutoMap Station #13
After you come across a Hell Knight and a Cacodemon, clear the area, exit the tunnel, and reach the far side. Before you jump across the ravine, and head right to find the last station of the game.

This is all we have for our DOOM AutoMap Station locations guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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