Dontnod’s Next Game Announced, Twin Mirror Will Be Following Vampyr

Dontnod’s next game, an upcoming title called Twin Mirror, has been announced, hot on the heels of the studio releasing their RPG called Vampyr. Dontnod is also the developer of games like Remember Me and Life Is Strange, therefore Twin Mirror would be the fourth game that they have developed.

Twin Mirror, much like Life Is Strange, appears to be a narrative adventure game that focuses on a man who returns to his hometown for a friend’s funeral, only to be caught up in a mystery thriller. While we don’t know yet if Twin Mirror’s protagonist will get any sort of special powers like in Remember Me or Life Is Strange, Dontnod’s games have often gotten positive receptions so hopefully this can keep up the trend.

Dontnod’s next game was announced prior to E3 like many other games have been over the past few weeks, so we’ll likely be seeing more of the actual game, including possibly a trailer for it, at E3 this year if they decide to show up. But we can’t really see more from the game until either E3 or Dontnod decides to put out more information around it.

This is the third thing that’s coming before Sony’s Playstation conference, which is bringing out a new announcement every day up to the Playstation conference. They’ve so far announced the release date of Days Gone (February 22, 2019) and a new game, Tetris Effect, so it seems that Dontnod’s next game is the next one of that.

However, that doesn’t mean that the conference will be bare of any sort of good games: games like The Last Of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game will also be appearing, along, hopefully, with a number of other new games that haven’t been announced yet.

You can find the Twin Mirror announcement trailer up above.