Don’t Starve Walkthrough – How To Build Self-Sustaining Base

The aim of this guide will be to help you build a self-sustaining base. Where you can find food, safety and all other resources easily.

First for this base you will only require an area with rabbits and beefalos in ample quantity. Furthermore, time management will be of the utmost importance, especially in the starting days. We will tell you what to harvest, when to harvest it and exactly how much you need to harvest.

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Don’t Starve Walkthrough – How To Build Your Base

Day #1
Locate an area with rabbits and beefalos in it. You need to find such a location by day 3 at least. Explore the area and collect any resources you stumble upon. Craft a shovel and start digging grass and twigs.

Besides that, collect berries if you find them. Do not waste time on planting berry bushes. Satisfy your hunger with berries for now. Craft an axe and chop down one large tree. Use the shovel to dig the stomp out. This will get you enough logs for a camp fire at night.

At evening return to your settlement sight and make a fire such that rabbits are at the edge of the light. Place rabbits traps as you can near rabbit holes. Cook some food and eat it. Keep your hunger at around 50 or 80%. Spend the night planting saplings. They don’t require manure to grow unlike grass.

Day #2
Spend the day finding resources. Dig up as much grass and sapling as you can. If you have pick axe find a boulder and collect 12 stones to create a fire pit. This is optional though. Don’t forget to cut the tree and dig out its stump for logs as fire fuel. Lastly, collect just enough food items to last till next day.

In evening return to your prospective base, light a fire, cook your food, eat it and reset all the traps near the rabbit hole. One trap per rabbit hole. Spend the rest of the night planting saplings. Only use log as fuel for your fire. You will need 1 log to last you the night.

If any hounds attack, run to the beefalos. They will take of them hounds. At night, you will need a torch for this to work.

Day #3
Spend this day collecting manure. Furthermore, collect grass, sapling and one more log. Go back to your camp in the evening. Create a camp fire and cook your food. Morsels will do just fine. Refrain from collecting berries and carrots. Reset all your rabbit traps.

Plant as many grass as you can, it will depend on the amount of manure you have. Spend the rest of the night planting saplings. I f a treeguard spawns lead it away from your base and then come back. They are slow and will fall back when you are returning to your base.

Day #4 – #9
By this time, you really should have a fire pit. Spend half your day collecting manure from beefalos and the other half collecting grass and sapling. Chop down tress to keep your log count around five.

In the evening return to your base and reset all your traps. Spend the night planting grass using manure to fertilize it. Furthermore, plant saplings too. Plant 100 saplings and 50 grass during the night. This number is quite doable.

Day #10 – #19
By now, you probably have a self-sustaining base. It grows enough grass and sapling to make traps with, and rabbits are aplenty.

Now you need to make a crock pot. That requires 200 research points, the ability to make cut stones, which require another 100 points and a science machine. To create a science machine; you will need stones and a gold nugget.

The science machine allows you to research items by breaking them down. You will lose the item, but you gain research points. You need 300 research points in total. This means roughly 100 items. Start by researching your excess twigs and grass. Leave enough for making traps. Do not research morsels.

Furthermore, remember to break boulders to collect stones, you will need them to make cut stones which in turn you need to make crock pot.

For crock pot you will need charcoal too. Obtain it by burning down tress with fire. Try to make at least 2-4 crock pots. When you have your crockpot ready, you can make kabobs in it. The recipe is one cooked morsel, and 3 twigs. You just went from eating morsels to eating kabobs.

Day #20 – #29
Take some time and keep things like they are to build up your resources.

Now, your aim is to build a meat effigy. This thing will revive you if you die. This thing can only be acquired if you play as Wilson as it requires beard hair. It also requires cooked meat which you can only get from pigs and beefalos. Find an isolated beefalo and attack it with your spear. Pull away just before it attack and hit it right after it is done attacking you.

Either that or you can find a pig village. Follow the rock paths to locate it. Give morsels to all the pigs in the village to get them to follow you. You can press Ctrl and click on the following pigs to attack them without retaliation.

Once you get the meat, cook it to get cooked meat and create a meat effigy.

Day #30 and onwards
Now that you have a meat effigy it is safe to explore the world. For example, with enough kabobs you can go for a trip around the world. Do whatever you feel like, breed bees, tame spiders, learn new crock pot recipes. Just remember the one golden rule: always have one meat effigy before heading out of your base.

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