Dominoes Pizza Mocks Diablo Immortal Announcement With a Witty Ad

Everyone probably knows about the whole Diablo Immortal fiasco by now but in case you don’t, here’s a summary. 

After the reveal, the game as well as its company, Activision Blizzard, have received all manner of flak and criticism. Whether that be from Blizzcon or the gaming community itself. Now, however, the criticism has spread far enough for a pizza joint to start roasting the badly received game.

Dominoes in Malaysia produced an ad directly mocking the failed announcement of Diablo Immortal. This was done by replicating a famous moment from Diablo Immortal’s Q&A segment. Here’s the brutal video.

Restaurants in Malaysia, specifically Dominoes, in this case, isn’t as far from the gaming scene as you’d think. Since their establishments do in fact engage in promotional work for video games. M.A.T is a big example of the Malaysian gaming scene.

dominos blizzard

Anyways, they even went far as to dress the model in the image, the same way as the mad lad from Blizzcon. Who asked the Diablo studio to their face if the entire game was just an out of season April fool’s joke. Dominoes saw the opportunity and took it, with this parody of their own.

They don’t even have to worry much about backlash since pretty much everybody, including Diablo fans, are on the same side. Hating Immortal.

Buying pizza at Dominoes does grant in-game bonuses and rewards to customers, hence why it’s not so far fetched for them to dabble in the gaming community. Heck in this case honestly, I think the Dominoes staff in Malaysia might have some Diablo fans of its own. Seriously though Blizzard, take a hint.

This is how bad the idea of a full transfer to mobile gaming really is. A frickin’ Pizza place is calling you out! This really should just make it clear that fans won’t be coming around.

Diablo Immortal’s hatred from both fans and Dominoes, is probably owed mainly to both, poor decision making on Blizzard’s part, and bad timing. I mean they made a mobile game the highlight of Blizzcon. Like did they honestly think people would explode into cheering for a mobile game?

Especially after how much they were teased about a new Diablo being in the works, 4 possibly. But instead get a Chinese mobile game clone, reskinned as Diablo. I mean people might as well go to Dominoes to get their own different bonuses and enjoy pizza while they’re at it. Clearly they’re not lining up for Diablo Immortal.

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