You And Your Dog Survive In Zombie Game ‘Dead Years’

Canadian developer ZeroByte Studios has launched their own Kickstarter campaign for Dead Years, planned for the end of 2014 on PC. It’s also a zombie survival game.

Dead Years sort of pulls a Call of Duty: Ghosts to attract an audience. Here, the twist is that a player character is linked with a dog that follows them around.

Dogs can attack zombies as well and they’ll have their own progression. Still, both will survive and advance as a team.

Viewed from an isometric perspective, Dead Years also has a rather distinct visual style. It’s a little like Project Zomboid, viewed from afar, but with a twisted saturation for its colors.

There are a ton of environments planned for the game that go from gorgeously waving grass fields to empty deserts.

You’ll be able to go into houses and scavenge what you can. Skills can also include repairing equipment, such as stoves.

Story progression is kept open, so that gameplay isn’t bound to one particular place. There are also some optional quests to go on, which are said to hold consequences on the continuation of the game.

Naturally, zombies are a big part of the game as well. For combat, it takes more inspiration from top-down shooters. Undead move quite fast, so you’ll be running and gunning a few times.

Dead Years is asking for a totally justifiable $60,000, in Canadian dollars, to complete this larger scope. It has almost 10% of that done with 28 days left.

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