Does this SCEE Advert Reveal Top Playstation 4 Title Release Dates?

With Persona 5, Final Fantasy VII, Dreams, and No Man's Sky release dates mentioned on an SCEE advert for Playstation 4 can they be trusted?

Sometimes adverts give away clues as to when games are going to be released. Often though these can be just rumours, with placeholder dates applied to them to at least give the reader an idea when the game is at least aimed for.


Today this image has been posted here showing a release schedule from SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) listing a few interesting dates for some of the top Playstation 4 releases. It provides release information for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Persona 5, Dreams, and No Man’s Sky and gives them a “2016 TBA” release date. I also notice that it gives the same for Dead Island 2, which may struggle to keep that date, if it makes it out at all.

While we know that Persona 5 has a release date for US and Japan in 2015, no date has been given for a Europe release. It seems at least plausible then that a 2016 release could be believable. Looking at the other games though this is less believable.

No Man’s Sky is one game that has not been given a release date, but it is possible that this could get a 2016 release to both the PC and Playstation 4. Whether we’ll see the Final Fantasy VII remake in 2016 is less likely though and Dead Island 2? Well that one seems to be heading well into development hell right now.

When it comes to release dates like “2016 TBA” though are very much placeholder dates that as they state are to be announced. This date could be part of the actual plan, or could easily be changed to a 2017 date easily enough. This often happens with many Playstation 4 releases. For many of these games I’m sure we hope that “sometime in 2016” is more possible than 2017 though.


Which of these games would you like to see in 2016, or earlier? Obviously Persona 5 is going to be a big name for European fans, though it could also be overshadowed by the other games too. As these dates are hardly specific though, any future date past this year could be placed there and be believable at this point.

Do the release dates on this advert hold any credibility at all? Let us know your thoughts below.

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