Does This Qualify Portal 2 as Console Port?

PC gamers have been on the receiving end of negligence of developers lately with the release of Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2. One is overly simplified and other falls short on all the hype surrounding it along with probability that both are console ports.

But no one would even imagine Valve doing the same to their hardcore PC fans who have made the Steam, the largest digital games hot spot. What would you say after seeing the Portal 2 PC screenshot below ? that states:

If Portal 2 is a console, it must be the finest console port yet. It doesn’t really bother me since pressing F6 bypasses the whole message and it just says saving after that but it is still annoying and I do feel Valve should explain it.

Zawad Iftikhar is the founder of, an FPS enthusiast and a Call of Duty veteran, having participated multiple eSports competition.