Does Horizon Forbidden West Have Ray Tracing on PS5?

Last week, Horizon: Forbidden West got its first gameplay preview on the Playstation 5, showing off a brief segment of gameplay that showed off more of the environment that Aloy will be traveling through over the course of the game. But will Horizon Forbidden West ray tracing be a thing? So far, yes.

A previous unofficial graphics comparison video about the game appeared to show that there was no ray-tracing in the game, with reflections instead being animated traditionally. Ray tracing is an effect intended to increase visual realism by tracing the path of light as pixels and simulating it encountering objects such as a surface for light to shine onto.

Mathijs de Jong, the game director of Horizon: Forbidden West, did say however in a recent interview that the game would support ray tracing on Playstation 5. Ray tracing is actually used for a wide variety of things in the game, including the sound engine, physics, and rendering.

Horizon Forbidden West ray tracing will have its work cut out for it, as well. From what we saw in the gameplay preview, Horizon West’s map is a great deal more vibrant than Zero Dawn’s, featuring oceans (and underwater segments), ruined urban landscapes, enormous old monuments, white sandy beaches, deep jungles, and more.

Along with all of that, the game includes a variety of new machines, a new traversal system, and a 60 FPS performance mode for the game, so that you can run it the way it was meant to be played on the Playstation 5.

Hopefully, considering E3 and the Summer of Gaming are coming up, Sony and Guerrilla Games will give us even more footage from the game, to say nothing about other information that will tell us more about mechanics, more machines, and more of the factions in the world.

You’ll be able to see Horizon Forbidden West ray tracing in action when the game releases sometime this year for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.