Doctor Disrespect Thinks Halo Infinite Needs To Step It Up

Halo Infinite began its first tech test over the weekend as a prelude to what we can expect in the actual game. While it looks very good so far, some fans have pointed out smaller flaws in the game. Doctor Disrespect, for instance, gave his own Halo Infinite impressions on-stream recently.

Disrespect, like many people who have come into the series over its 20 years of life, is a big fan of Halo, and has eagerly been awaiting a new game. However, while he does stress that, he also thinks that since the games aren’t yearly releases like Call of Duty or other yearly games, that each game should push the envelope further.

Disrespect isn’t the only player that’s had problems with the title. Other online personalities have brought up their disappointment that the graphics and physics of the game aren’t as realistic as Call of Duty. Of course, this was only a tech test, so Disrespect’s Halo Infinite impressions may be addressed later.

Disrespect’s main issue with Infinite seems to be the fact that the tech test videos are being released by 343 at all. As they’re showing gameplay as realistically as possible, Disrespect worries that the final game won’t measure up, a concern commonly said by other gamers when watching gameplay videos at E3 that come off as artificial due to developers acting like players.

Thankfully, despite his impressions, Disrespect is holding back his true impressions until he can actually play the game for himself and form his own opinions uncolored by videos. Considering the rocky development cycle the game has apparently gone through, Disrespect having hesitant Halo Infinite impressions is entirely justified. Though whether or not Halo Infinite needs a battle royale mode like he said is up for debate.

Either way, since Halo Infinite is supposed to come out sometime this year, fans being able to form their own opinions about the title won’t be too far off. Halo Infinite is slated to release on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.