Dockless Nintendo Switch is Only For Japan, West Can Hope and Pray

Success is the word that Nintendo Switch is very much accustomed to, with sales reaching 17.79 million recently, this console is clearly penetrating the market for the long term. What is interesting is the fact that out of 17.79 million, 4 million is of Japan only. The reason we mentioned that is because Nintendo has recently confirmed that the Dockless Nintendo Switch which was available in Japan will remain only available in Japan and the company has no plans to release it outside of Japan.

Nintendo of Japan recently released a new Switch SKU, which came pretty much as a surprise, since its sole purpose was to ditch the Dock and alongside that, losing the HDMI cable, AC adapter and Joi-Con grip. Due to the loss of these accessories, this Dockless Nintendo Switch is retailing at a low cost to the actual version of the console.

A few months ago President Kimishima shared that Nintendo plans to have multiple Switch consoles in single households and now with this low retail cost it surely seems a possibility. Many would think that since this is the plan of the company, then we might also see this Dockless Nintendo Switch in other regions as well, unfortunately, it might not be the case.

In a recent statement, Nintendo specifically said that they have no plans to sell it outside Japan. Nintendo said, that they “have no plans to release this configuration in the Americas.” So if you want that second Switch, then it looks like you’ll be paying full price.

Now since they have not mentioned European markets most would like to think that, Nintendo might roll it out in Europe, but it seems highly unlikely.

With that being said, would you like to purchase the Dockless Switch version, if you could? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: USGamer