DmC Devil May Cry: Virgil’s Downfall Walkthrough Guide

The first DLC/Expansion for Capcom’s critically acclaimed reboot of the popular slice-em-up game “DmC Devil May Cry” has been released, and it doesn’t disappoint. It picks up from where DMC left off and tells us Vergil’s side of the story. Vergil plays pretty similar to Dante, but the main difference is the absence of the double jump, and the inclusion of the Summoned Swords ranged attack.

DmC Virgil’s Downfall Mission 1 – Personal Hell
After the cutscenes are over and the mission starts, you need to run past the house and jump over the floating platforms. Eventually, you will be attacked by Stygians, so fight them off. During the battle, you will be taught to use the summoned swords as well as some other basic moves. Eventually, you will enter the mansion, and a cutscene occurs with Virgil and Dante as children.

After the little scene, go left to find the first lost soul. Then run back to the main hall and straight ahead for your first Health Cross Fragment.

Proceed onwards. Once you’ve teleported the platform closer, move through it and to the next platform. Look to your right and you’ll find a remote island that you can get to. Just hold A to get enough air and use Angel Boost. Beyond that is a ledge area with a second Health Cross Fragment.

Go back to the earlier platform and teleport up to the blue grip. Turn around and look right to see another platform you can fly to, there is another lost soul here.

Now go back to the blue grip ledge and continue through the dark hallway. Jump over the gap in the floor and there is a destructible door behind which is another Health Cross Fragment.

Now jump down the hole you bypassed earlier to enter a battle with another enemy. The wisp can only be attacked after being made corporeal with the summoned swords.

Beat the enemies that show up, and follow through the hallway and look left for a third Lost Soul. This is before the Divinity Statue.

Soon after the statue is another cutscene of Vergil’s mother speaking to him. After that you’ll see a small vital star to the right out of reach. Follow the small clipped ledge to get to it (near the end, you will have to jump around the wall a bit).

As you move on, take out the next two Stygians using the special Summoned Sword attacks. You’ll then have to teleport a platform towards you. At the platform just beyond that one, explore the back-end of it for a third Health Cross Fragment.

Soon you need to use the blue grip teleport twice in a row. Let yourself fall down off the ledge after the second teleport to find another lost soul. Blue Grip back up.

The next fight can be a bit hectic but shouldn’t give you too much trouble if you focus on the flyers first. Try to stay in the air as this will let you avoid the damage from the Stygians until you’re ready to deal with them.

You’ll have limited time to complete the next platforming sequence. Run ahead and keep your eyes on the right. That’s where you’ll proceed before continuing across several platforms. When you get to the one with the broken-down church-like building on it, look up! You’ll find a sequence of grips that you need to teleport to in order to get through.

Once you get to the globe of light, you’ll be faced with one last battle and multiple Wisps. Keep using Summoned Sword on these guys, in whichever flavor you like.

DmC Virgil’s Downfall Mission 2 – Hollow
You’ll be attacked as soon as this mission begins. Activate Angel Mode to take these guys out quickly. Jump across the platforms that come up and take out a bunch of flyers that show up soon after. Try to bring them to you instead of teleporting over to them as you might fall to oblivion.

Proceed as you are instructed, and before long you’ll come to a fork and a Divinity Statue. Going left will take you to a hallway with a bright portal. Jump into it and settle down. You’ll see a Health Cross Fragment on the other side of the fence-wall. Use jump, Angel Boost, and Evade to negotiate a quick U turn right where you came from.

Get back to the hallway and move through the portal. It leads to a Large Vital Star.

Teleport to the grip below you, which doubles as a boost ring. Use it to get across to the other platform. There should be a lost soul around here.

Eventually, you’ll come across a Ravager. Take it out any way you wish, but it is possible to knock it off the edge. Three more Ravagers appear in short order. Once you’re done with them go through the portal.

You’ll now chain grip over to an arena battle. Remember to take out the aerial units first. Move through the portal, use the Divinity on the left if you need, and angel lift across. Turn right just after and move to the platform across for a full health cross (it’s on the platform with the spiky monument).

Keep moving along, minding the catapulted stuff, and teleport to the big platform. Face off against a few Stygians and Ravagers and you’re done.

DmC Virgil’s Downfall Mission 3 – Power Struggle
Jump across the platforms as this mission begins. Before long, you’ll see a big platform in front of you with the option of jumping onto the lower left or upper right. Go to the upper right, then walk through the arch and turn right back around. Teleport up for a lost soul, then to the next platform and hug the wall on your right. You’ll come full circle and make a short jump to a Health Cross Fragment.

You’ll come to an area where you are ambushed by Death Knights and Stygians. Use the new Demon Mode to break the Death Knights’ shields. You can also herd Stygians to the edge and knock them off with Aerial Flush.

Pull the train wagons out and jump across more platforms. Take a right when Vergil says, “Where are you, Dante?” and you’ll find a small vital star. Keep moving forward, making some ethereal platforms solid with the use of your summoned swords.

After a while, you find a divinity statue, and past that you’re introduced to his devil trigger. There will also be several enemies to practice it on, including a tyrant.

Soon after comes a cutscene of Vergil beating up Dante. Afterwards, turn around, walk a bit and look left for a Health Cross Fragment up on a platform. Proceed after Dante through the hallway, keeping an eye to the right for a room containing a lost soul.

Past the hallway is another battle featuring shielded flyers, Stygians, and Wisps.

Jump on to the platform to the left and go through the curved hallway. Jump and angel boost to the next segment of curved hallway, and then turn around. There is a small ledge on the right of the first hallway where you can get a Lost Soul.

Go back in the same clockwise direction, using the grips above the “City Metro” sign. You’ll find yourself on a narrow curved platform. A bunch of enemies will pop up, defeat them and go through the portal.
Jump across the monument debris using the Summoned Swords and teleportation.

DmC Virgil’s Downfall Mission 4 – Heartless
Just as this mission begins you’ll encounter some new enemies that look like harpies. Keep moving to avoid their spears.

After the battle, hop across the platforms to the left and chain grip teleport underneath the rocks for a Health Cross Fragment.

Proceed onwards to the right, and find a lost soul on another platform to the right of the portal. Then go back and proceed through it.

Soon you’ll come to another portal and a big battle. Take out the baddies and move through this portal as well.

In this new area there will be a doorway ahead of you past some platforms. Before going in, use summoned swords to reveal some invisible platforms to the right that lead to a Health cross fragment. Now go through the doorway.

Soon, there will be a short cutscene where you hear Vergil’s mother scream and a large battle soon after that which includes a tyrant.

In the next area, immediately look up and to your left. There’s a blue grip there that leads to a lost soul.
After that, teleport to a platform that has a portal on it.

Here you can hop across to the right and go nearly full circle for a Health Cross Fragment. It’s tucked away on a third small platform on your right.

Proceed on the main path, using summoned swords to make platforms visible as you go (there’s one that is rotating so you need to time it right).

Now you’ll be on a large island with another portal and yet another battle. Move through the portal, platform across and move through yet another portal. Somewhat behind and below the Divinity Statue here, you’ll find a Health Cross Fragment.

Platform across for another pretty tough battle, starting with a Witch. Pelt her with Summoned Swords to take down her shield, then VAL to her and use combos. After battle’s end, a crypt will open up. Follow it down to face the Imprisoner, that huge six-limbed beast you saw chasing after Kat earlier.

He’s a pretty big threat when he’s in range, so try to keep your distance and constantly use summoned swords to whittle him down. Vital Stars will help in this fight, as will Spiral Swords.

DmC Virgil’s Downfall Mission 5 – Own Shadow
This whole mission is basically just one big boss fight. You’ll be pitted against Hollow Vergil, your own dark side (though it’s debatable at this point which side is the dark one).

To beat him, use a lot of summoned swords and dodge his attacks (especially the sword storm one).

Once you’ve knocked off a little over a third of Hollow Vergil’s health, you’ll get to a cut-scene where he moves into the giant black floating heart. At this point, you can only dodge the attacks he sends at you. Avoid the ring of blades by Evading at the last second.

Soon he’ll come back and will have a new bag of tricks. One of these is when he gathers four summoned swords and launches them at you one-by-one. Evade these at the last second to avoid the damage.

When he’s near death, he’ll re-enter the heart and do the attacks from earlier again. Avoid them and finish him when he emerges.

DmC Virgil’s Downfall Mission 6 – Another Chance
This is a kind of re-run of mission 1. Spawn a doppleganger as instructed and destroy the enemies. Jump on the next platform, then look back and to the side to see a lost soul.

On the next big platform, before going into the building using the large doorway, look above it for a lost soul and to its right for a health cross fragment. As you enter the building, there will be a gap in the floor in front of you, there is another lost soul to the left of this hole.

On the next platform, you’ll get into a big fight with a lot of flyers and a witch, this can be a tough fight so remember to use the doppelganger when you can.

Collect the Devil Trigger Star on the left of the blue grip before proceeding.

You’ll come to the room where you met the first Wisp, fight off the enemies and continue to the divinity statue. Soon after you’ll some to the open courtyard where a big fight occurs. After the fight, there are three things you can collect. Through the crack in the wall to the left of the door is a Health Cross, to the right of the door is a Devil Trigger Star and above the door is a lost soul (it’s really high up, I wasn’t able to reach it).

The next few platforms you need to hop fall away, so you really need to hotfoot it across. There will be another big fight with several witches and wisps, remember to use the doppelganger to kill them faster.

After the fight, you’ll use a blue grip to another platform. Look left to spot a Health Cross.

Near the health cross, go through the open doorway and look right and up to spot another Lost soul, this one is pretty high too. The next few platforming sections can be difficult, just go through as quickly as you can. You’ll also have to materialize some islands and use the blue and red grips. Eventually, you’ll make it to the glowing blue sphere.

Once you’re in the sphere, you’ll find yourself on another platform with a pair of closed gates. This is the final fight, and it’s a doozy. It’ll start out with two ravagers and a tyrant, and won’t get easier from there. Make sure to use the doppelganger but be sure to save up some devil triggers for the final fight with the six-legged beast from before, because he makes a comeback.

Finish the fight and you’re done with Vergil’s Downfall.

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