DmC Devil May Cry SSS Ranking Guide – Weapon Tips and Strategies

Dante is all about style and finishing an enemy in style nets you style points. It’s a constant struggle to maintain the style gauge during the battle and if you are successful, you can unlock the true potential of the weapon Dante is wielding. Not only that, you also get to unlock two achievements / trophies in the process – Stylish and Jackpot.

It’s not an easy task but if you are true Dante fan, you don’t miss any points in style. If you are up for the task, continue reading. For more help on DmC: Devil May Cry, read our Lost Souls, Argent Keys and Secret Mission Locations Guide.

Dante’s Abilities

Dante has an assortment of abilities which the user should be familiar with in order to get the best out of the game. Here’s a look into the upgrades and new moves that your Upgrade Points will be getting you.

Enemy Step
The ability allows Dante to jump off enemy while in the air. Doing so resets aerial abilities such as Double Jump and Aerial Evade. All you need to do is click Jump when above an enemy.

Demon Evade
A most powerful tool, it enables you to boost your damage output after evading an attack at precisely the last moment.

Angel Evade
This enhanced dodge ability enables Dante to phase through limbo, adding both distance and invulnerability. Angel Evade is useful to get out of the way of fast or wide-area attacks.

The ability allows you to cancel a grapple and instead deliver a free launcher. The ability is somewhat of use at higher difficulties where enemies usually block or evade your grapple followups. That said, even more tougher enemies cannot be grappled that easily. Hence, the ability is of little use in the long run.

The ability allows Dante to perform knockbacks upon grappling an enemy. Even though the Kicker deals decent damage the ability only works on smaller minions. Since the more tougher ones either block your grapple or cannot be grappled.

Probably the least useful of all abilities. The leap allows you to automatically jump once you grapple an enemy. Tougher enemies require you to create openings through grapples and then dish out damage. Leap has little to do here regarding that.


Dante’s beloved blade is going to be seeing a lot of action and will obviously feed on most of your early upgrade points. The Rebellion holds many ways through which it can release its power. You better sit down and remember all of them.

We’re talking the plain ol’ mashing the Y button (or click-bombing on the PC) here. The relatively simple and most used combo is going to be your bread and butter. Upgrading it will increase its damage and who doesn’t like more damage?

Death Coil
Death Coil is pretty useful in the early stages of the game where the extra range for the Rebellion allows you to take on larger minion groups. It also enables you to mix your ground combos and grow your Style Rank.

Aerial Rave
Air combos are a necessity in Devil May Cry and you better learn that fast. Taking a fight into the air means that you get to dodge much of the attacks from the ground melee units. Additionally most boss fights will have you fighting them in mid-air. Hence, an improvement to your aerial damage will always be appreciated.

The ability grants you more air time and in turn allows you to setup infinite air combos.

A ranged move for Dante, one which has to be charged up before use. It’s better to start doing that during a combo and save time.

Once upgraded, it grants additional attacks to your Drive ability. The attacks now have more range and can even knock down enemies. Similar to Drive, the Overdrive can be charged during an ongoing combo.

In simple words, it’s a forward dash with a powerful push. Stinger allows you to either chase down a foe or get out of harm’s way. Most players will use this to reach juggle foes and continue combos; who other wise would have gotten out of range.

Trillion Stabs
Upon upgrade, it enables your Stinger dash to end in a flurry of stabs. You can also mash your buttons to squeeze out additional hits, thus increases your Style Points in the process. The finishing blow though is the regular Stinger strike. You can also choose to cancel out your Trillion Stabs before the final hit.


The giant axe Arbiter offers greater power than the Rebellion but at a loss of speed. Most of its attacks can interrupt powerful enemies and can even break through their shields/blocks.

It always pays to invest points in the basic combo of a weapon. The Judgment will hence boost the weapon’s strength and smash any obstacles to bits.

Trinity Smash
It’s not advisable to invest your early points in this but once you have a few to spare then sure, drop them in. The Trinity Smash sends out a ground tremor which repels nearby foes. Not the best of abilities but gets the job done.

The Arbiter smash the ground with tremendous power and cracks open the earth itself. Enemies who are near to the fault line are launched high into the air. The current upgrade would pretty much suit your needs. The improved version allows for a longer fissure, however, the slow speed of the weapon isn’t air-combo friendly.

Aerial Flush
Works well as a combo finisher, the axe comes down at the nearest enemy and sends them flying, while also dealing great damage. The upgrade makes the axe explore on impact, dealing more damage but scattering enemies.

The main purpose of Drop is to relaunch a single fore back into the air whilst you’re performing an air-combo. Unless you’re in the mood of juggling more than one enemy in the air, Drop doesn’t really demand your points in the early game.

A ranged attack for Dante where he hurls the giant axe in a straight line in front of him. With the right timing, Flush can also relaunch a juggled enemy back into the air. The upgraded version gains additional power, making it ideal for chucking into crowds as fights begin to weaken a bunch of enemies at once.


The scythe features a unique passive ability called Feed, which powers up Dante’s weapon the more it is used in battle. Additionally it features some really nice area and aerial attacks.

Karma helps you keep focus on a single target, while catching nearby foes with its arcing swipes. Landing this a few times will ensure you a fully charged scythe.

The Cleaver is similar to the basic combo, except it does more hits to your main target and increases the area of affect slightly. Two full combos of this will grant you a fully charges Osiris.

Prop offers Dante the largest window for parrying in the game. You can easily return back projectiles at any time during the move, it offers you that much of a window.

Shredder is useful in keeping juggles going for longer periods of time by catching a larger group of foes in its arc. If your Osiris is fully charged, then Shredder can also deal some heavy damage to tougher minions or bosses.

Hanger offers Dante one of fastest air combos in the game. However, this comes at a loss of power and damage. Not only that but the combo is in such a quick rate that the knockback of the third hit can often accidentally interrupt combos.

Double Up – As the name suggests, Double Up will almost ensure that your foes remain in air and for long periods, if I might add. This will probably be one of the top choices for players. Predict an enemy attack and then take your foe to new heights.

If you ain’t got time to take each and every for into the air then how about using Raze to take them all at once? The move launches Dante upwards with all surrounding enemies in tow. Once you’re in mid-air, start unleashing your combos to keep them there.

We’ve talked enough regarding launching enemies in the air. Streak takes control of your ground problems. It offers a vast sweep which hits a lot of targets in a huge area. Players will often use this ability to open up a fight against a crowd. You can also cancel the ability into Raze by holding down the button as you go in.

The passive depends upon how you want to play Osiris. Each level bonus offers a new ability that gets charged through battle. Level 3 upgrade grants a huge boost in damage.


Dante’s flaming fists provide a new meaning to the word ‘hurt’. Dealing massive raw damage, it’s the best option for players who want to see their foes crushed with hard-hitting moves and finishing combos.

The basic three-hit combo, you can simply mash these to turn your opponents to dust. Each hit can be charged to result in a more powerful blow. There are no upgrade versions for this ability but you can invest points to increase the damage resulting from charged attacks.

The ability enables Dante to perform a ground slam on every third hit. The damage is not that great but it’s a great option to have for dealing with crowds. Osiris’ Cleaver is similar to Slam but instead offers more focus and better followups.

A viscous uppercut with your flaming fists will launch your foes in the air. The damage and openings for your followup depends on the amount of charge. A level one charge will have Dante follow the opponent in the air, while a fully charged uppercut will also deal a ton of damage. This is a very powerful way of sending your foes in the air, create the chance to charge your punch prior to launch.

Showdown is the little brother of Slam, allowing Dante to re-bounce enemies close to the ground. We’re not talking high elevation launches here but it enables you to continue your combos if you’re close to the ground.

A very useful skill that allows Dante to come crashing down to the ground and clearing all nearby enemies. It goes well with performing long air combos and then coming down with a bang. The improved version makes it even more deadlier.

Snake Eye
Uncharged, Snake Eyes can be used to step back to avoid damage and rush in to deliver a heavy counter punch. When fully charged Dante can dash in to deliver a payload of hurt. The skill needs a bit of getting used to before performing it perfectly.

Eryx Charge
This definitely demands your investment points early on in the game. It increases the potency of delaying your strikes and as a result makes your other Eryx skills even more stronger.


Dante’s twin glaives dish out lesser damage compared to Osiris and the others. Instead the weapon offers great control and precision on your extended combos.

A four hit combo that doesn’t even require mashing. Dante sends out hordes of blades slashing away at all foes. The third hit in particular sends out attacks all around Dante while the other hits focus the foes in front of Dante. The improved version grants more range and area of affect.

Buy In
You better think twice about using this as Buy In enables Dante to reel in foes. The move needs to be coupled with other area attacks so as to finish off the enemies. Otherwise you can easily be surrounded. However, pulling in multiple enemies enables you to dish out some awesome multi-enemy combos.

Round Trip
To start off Round Trip can be used to interrupt attacks or freeze enemies in their place. Additionally Dante can use it easily juggle and lock down enemies for long periods of times. Consider this a staple skill for the Aquila, as dealing great damage for longer periods of time is easy. Any foe round-tripped to the air isn’t coming back down alive.

A bit similar to the Round Trip, Skirmish allows another easier way to juggle multiple enemies in the air. This coupled with other attacks like Osiris’ Raze can earn you great Style points. Note that it does little damage but puts up with by offering a greater range.

Aerial Buy In
Similar to Osiris’ Rake, Dante launches in the air and pulls all nearby enemies with him. The aerial damage is minimal and like before absolutely has to be coupled with other damage dealing weapons.

Another option for Dante to deal some quick damage in the air. Caliber has you flying forwards with all blades pointed. Use this skill to either switch between opponents in air or reach out of range foes. Coupled with Arbiter’s Tremor, you can quickly catch up to enemies who get launched from afar.

This can be bundled with Buy In to deliver a high damage payload. Each hit from a Tornado carries little damage but overall the skill enables Dante to hit opponents multiple times at an incredible rate.

Ebony & Ivory

Both of Dante’s handguns are going to be your trusty sidearms throughout the game. Though they have lack damage, they are extremely useful in getting a combo going or interrupting smaller foes.

No point in wasting two upgrade points with this. Even with the upgrade the damage is still negligible.

The controls make this skill very clumsy to use. If you can do so, then hold down the shoot button while performing other combos. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Perhaps it would be better if you mapped the shoot button to your trigger.

Similar to Eryx’s Stomp, Rainstorm allows Dante to disperse enemies below him and safely land back after finishing his air combos. The skill can be cancelled at any time into another move.

Inverse Rainstorm
As the name suggests, this skill is the complete opposite providing a hail of bullets into the air.


Dante’s shotgun is perfect for getting in close and blasting away a foe. The range of the shotgun is very low but a blast from minimal range can cause severe damage to enemies.

Upgrading Shoot will further enhance the Revenant’s damage, making it an ideal ploy to dash in and take a blast at enemies. It also acts as the perfect way to extend aerial combos.

The Revenant ensures that Dante is never surrounded. Fireworks deals quick shots around you, hitting back any enemy trying to close in. A lovely way to troll your enemies is to rake them in with Aquila’s Buy In and then use Fireworks to blast them away.


It shoots out sticky mines that catch on to enemies and then can be detonated remotely.

Fires an explosive dart at an enemy and the upgrade increases the number of active darts that you can have at any given time. If your dart fails to hit a live target, it deactivates. The skill required to use Kablooey is pretty high, you must have a sharp aim in order to couple this with other weapons.

Hit A and X together to explode the dart. Simple.

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