DmC: Devil May Cry Secret Mission Locations Guide – How To Complete

How to find and unlock all the secret missions in DmC: Devil May Cry.

There are many secret doors throughout the DmC: Devil May Cry world and these lead to secret missions. Completing secret missions also rewards you with bonus health and devil trigger. However, the doors can prove difficult to find, check out this guide for the location of all the secret missions.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #1

Secret Mission #1
Location. The only copper door in this mission is located in the dollhouse which comes quite later on in the mission. It is located in a corridor leading right before the giant mirror.

In this mission you will have to juggle enemies and as they can only be damaged in the air. This should be fairly easy to complete within the time limit. Try to get multiple enemies in a single juggle and you should kill them fairly quickly. You will be rewarded with a health cross fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #2

Secret Mission #2
Location. After you learn the Demon Pull in the dreamscape you will leave by dropping down into a room. There are also some crystals on the ground in this room so be on the look out for that. Look around the room and you will find the copper door. The mission is simply to eliminate the enemies in the time limit. You will get a health cross fragment.

Secret Mission #3
Location. The second door in this mission is located after a gap where you need to use the demon pull. After pulling yourself towards a door which you have to break with the arbiter there will be some blue vines.

After cutting the blue vines there will be a gap to the right which can only be crossed using the air dash. Cross the gap and head on to the copper door. The mission will require you to reach S rank and you have plenty of time to complete it. You will be rewarded with a health cross fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #3

Secret Mission #4
Location. After the gap suddenly appears, you will head back to kill a new group of enemies. After killing the enemies an angel lift spot will open up to the left. Jump from platform to platform until you are in air dash distance of the silver door.

The only way to defeat enemies in this mission is to use their own attacks against them. Use the flying enemies to shoot bombs near the ground enemies. Once they are defeated reflect the bombs to hit the flying ones and you will be rewarded a health cross fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #4

Secret Mission #5
Location. The copper door is located after you pull to a balcony and cross the platform to cut the blue vines and is in the area before you get to the second camera. Cut the vines and head inside the room and look for the copper door.

This mission is just a simple race against the clock and you have to jump from platform to platform using your angel lift. After crossing the finish line you will win the health cross fragment.

Secret Mission #6
Location. After getting the second camera you will notice a silver door right in front of you. Use the air dash and angel pull to get to it. This mission requires you to kill all the enemies without taking any damage.

Take care of the flying enemy first so that you don’t constantly have to dodge their bombs. The ghost enemies can only be damaged by the Osiris. You will receive a health fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #5

Secret Mission #7
Location. This door is located after the first statue. Climb the giant pile of boxes to reach to the top. Jump across to the platform with the copper door. This mission is quite easy; you just have to defeat enemies using your demon weapons. You will get a health cross fragment.

Secret Mission #8
Location. You can get to the next door once you reach the area where the die message appears. There are yellow veins on the walls here, follow these veins until the kill Dante message appears.

Break the wall to the left of here with the arbiter. Follow the path to get to the silver door. The enemies here only take damage inside the green circles that grow smaller and smaller.

Once you feel the circle is too small, switch to another one. Concentrate on heavy combos with a lot of launchers and pulls to combo even more. You will get a health cross fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #6

Secret Mission #9
Location. Right before entering the door to the boss take a left instead and jump over to the platform with the copper door. In this mission you just have to get all the goals before the time runs out.

Make sure to get all the goals before descending down a level. If you missed one at the start simply jump off the platforms to get back to the start of the level. Once you have completed all goals you will get a health cross fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #7

Secret Mission #10
Location. Shortly after getting the second boost ring, you will come across a container that you can pull close. Jump on this container, turn around and jump on the platform with the gold door.

In this mission you have to defeat the enemies without repeating an attack combo which means you will have to use a different ability each attack. Once the enemies are dead you will get the health cross fragment.

Secret Mission #11:

Location. After taking the lift, smash through the floor with the help of the Eryx, and you’ll find a secret passage.

This one is quite similar to the previous Secret Mission, except that the weapon type you use is being limited. You can only attack from Angel weapons, of which the recommended would be the Aquila. This’ll allow you to get your attacks to hit most of the enemies, provided you’ve aimed well enough. It shouldn’t take too long to rid the place from the enemies, after which you can collect your Health Cross Fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #8

Secret Mission #12:

Location. Once you use the Demon Pull to send the wall flying backwards to reveal a hallway, you’ll need to jump to the left located ledge, smash the cracked wall, and then turn to the right. There are some blue vines here, which you can clear up. Jump across now to the lost soul, and turn right again to find the door.

Now, if you’re looking for some challenge, you are going to get it. The trick in this Secret Mission is that everything INCLUDING Dante dies with one hit! The problem here is landing that one hit on the shielded enemies. But that shouldn’t be too much of a worry, as the trusty Demon Pull will strip shields from the Pathos and stun Knights; start off by doing the former, and getting rid of the Pathos as quickly as possible. After that you can use some speedy ranged weapons (good ol’ Ebony and Ivory maybe?) to finish off any filthy creature. Collect your shiny Health Cross Fragment once you’re done.

Secret Mission #13:

Location. Cross the upside-down hallway, and then look up and left to see an open gate. Smash through the cracked door and you’ll find the secret door.

This timed based mission should be a cakewalk for anyone who’s gotten a good grip of the controls (which you should have by now). Angel Boost across the flat, easy regions to get your self some extra time to align the Demon Pulls that show up afterwards. Towards the end you’ll have to quicken up a bit between the Demon Pull and Angel Boost alternations, but it’s nothing that you shouldn’t be able to handle. Collect your Health Cross Fragment and go happy-go-crazy.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #9

Secret Mission #14:

Location. In Mission 9, the first door to the secret mission is in the large open room with hanging platforms. On the far corner, just on the way out, you can spot the door, and it really isn’t difficult to get to it.

In this mission you have to survive till the time runs out, and they don’t make it all that simple. Thankfully, a small portion of Dante’s health replenishes for every kill, so slaying enemies frequently will be your best bet to survive properly. You want to make sure that you destroy the Knights’ shields as quickly as possible so that you can unleash some combos on them. The Stygian waves are pretty easy to handle, and the Ravagers aren’t much of a threat either. Things get a bit hectic when the Dreamrunners start to arrive in the final minute. At this time you should activate Devil Trigger and go insane. Do it with focus and everything should go smooth. This time around you get a nice Devil Trigger Cross Fragment. Sweet.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #11

Secret Mission #15:

Location. Beneath the facility, you’ll be in a set of halls. You need to head left to reach the Arbiter doors. There is an Eryx crystal wall over there which you need to smash. A passage will be revealed; follow it to the end to find the hidden door.

Though going insane with the Devil Trigger is a hell lot of fun, it can get a little tricky to keep it up. For that you’ll need to have good momentum in order to keep the flow, and the best way to do so is with the usage of Angel Lift. You might find it a little difficult to sync with the time depletion if you haven’t invested Red Orbs in a Devil Trigger Cross. If that is the case, then consider coming back here after doing so. Otherwise, it really just requires you to be an artist to keep things good. Collect your Health Cross Fragment once you’re done.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #13

Secret Mission #16:

Location. Once the club transforms into its morbid limbo version, turn around and jump up to the upper level. Look to the rightly immediately and grapple across the Angel Lift to ledge. You can find the door here.

Now, the demands of this mission are rather simple-sounding: kill all enemies. I mean, that’s what Dante does for a living, isn’t it? Anyways, it’s not as simple as the statement, because the combination of the three enemies is terrible. The Witch will shield the two Rages, so you have to take her out first. Use Aquila to bring down her shield, and reflect her fire swords towards her. Once you get rid of her, the two Rages are left. If you kill one of them, the other will go insane. It can get pretty crazy. I suggest using the Eryx’s Snake Eye on the Blood Rage, while using the Aquila Combos for the ghost rage. Collect your hard-earned Devil Trigger Cross once you’ve defeated them.

Secret Mission #17:

Location. When you reach the second Divinity Statue, there is a ledge you can drop down into. The door is located right there.

This is a fairly simple mission. The time limit may initially seem a little daunting, but the requirement is quite manageable provided you find the most efficient route. The general recommendation would be to start off the left and then go out. Use Angel Boost to go quickly from here and there, and you should have little trouble completing this mission. Have fun with the new Health Cross Fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #16

Secret Mission #18:

Location. Take the elevator, climbing to floor 106. Glide across a large gap by landing on small beams after a short fight, and take a right on the first one to go down to the lower level. You should find the golden door there.

For this mission, you have to reach your destination within the time limit. This is probably the most difficult of the timed destination type of secret missions, but still isn’t too hard. The only hassle you’ll face is the variety of weapons you’ll have to go through. You’ll have to use Arbiter, Eryx, Osiris/Aquila, Eryx. Angel Boost once again works well for those linear regions. Get the Health Cross Fragment once done.

Secret Mission #19:

Location. You need to have bought the Demon Evade to actually attempt this secret mission. In order to find the door, go to floor 154 and look around after crossing the bridge to the elevator lobby.

Enemies here only take damage while Demon Evade damage bonus is active. Enemies won’t really attack you until you provoke them. Once you do attack them and they retaliate, hit RT and RB together, you should see the slow-motion for the Demon Evade damage bonus. After that, it’s all about thrashing away. Make sure you have sufficient practice of this, and I’d also recommend upgrading it beforehand. Your reward is a nice Devil Trigger Fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #17

Secret Mission #20:

Location. Immediately after the Divinity Statue, search for Angel Lift floating lights. Grab it and then glide over. It’ll be followed by a few more long-distance glides before you can reach the penultimate Secret Mission door.

The trick here is that Dante dies with one hit. The best weapon for getting through this is the Aquila. The enemies here are generally quite beefy – they have plenty of health, but the real threat is only the Ravager. I wouldn’t recommend solely concentrating on it – it’s best to reduce the overall monster population before turning onto him. Hopefully with some brilliant evasions and clever fighting you’ll pull through without taking even a scratch. The result for your efforts is a Devil Trigger Fragment.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Mission #18

Secret Mission #21:

Location. The final Secret Door is located in the passage between the central room and the generator room ahead. Once you have turned the generator on, climb up on the right side on your way out to find the door.

You have to kill the mighty Tyrant, and do it fast! Thankfully, it’s not even the most difficult Secret Mission in the game, provided you have a grip on evasion and controls (which you DEFINITELY should by now). Evade him when he charges, and then get behind him and pull him with the Demon Pull. Try to keep him airborne for as long as possible with various combos. Once he drops, go crazy with everything you’ve got. This should get rid of him pretty easily. Enjoy the final Devil Trigger Fragment.

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