DmC: Devil May Cry Keys and Secret Doors Locations Guide

DmC has a new form of collectibles and they are called the “Argent Keys.” There are four types of Argent keys; bronze, argent, gold and ivory. Furthermore, each of these four types of keys open up a corresponding secret door in every mission of the game.

In this guide however, we will specifically detail the locations of only the Argent keys. To learn about the location of the secret doors, read our secret missions locations guide. If you are the completionist type and do not want to miss out on anything the game has to offer read on ahead!

DmC: Devil May Cry Secret Keys

Mission #1 – Keys

  • Location. Right after you find the first lost soul, turn left. Jump across a few floating midair platforms and they will lead you right over to that key.

Mission #2 – Keys

  • Location. Go up on the grand staircase and turn to the right. Head straight and eventually, you will find a lone room with a solitary copper key in it.
  • Location. After finding the painting, make your way to through the left doorway. Drop down into the hole. Locate Eryx gem, smash it with your Eryx weapon to get the silver key.

Mission #3 – Keys

  • Location. Before going through the doorway head left. There you will find a part of the wall which you can break with your axe near the checkpoint statue. Do so, then go up the stairs to collect the copper key.

Mission #4 – Keys

  • Location. When you come down the alleyway in this mission; instead of proceeding straight turn to the right. A wall will block your path, use Eryx weapon to smash it out of your way. Go straight and then turn right to pick up the key.
  • Location. Hop onto the fountain and then turn around. You will see an angel lift point. Use it to get to the roof of that building. Follow this path onward to reach the first gold key of the game.

Mission #5 – Keys

  • Location. Right after you kill the tyrant at the top of the initial climb, you will find this copper key hidden behind the fence. Go around the fence by jumping up on to the boxes to your right.
  • Location. In the chamber which looks like a gigantic ruined warehouse you will find this argent key. The key is hidden on the very top of the chamber. To reach it you will need to execute perfectly timed double jumps, angel lifts and angel boosts.

Mission #6 – Keys

  • Location. Right at the beginning of this mission just turn around and drop down. There will be a copper key waiting for you, simple as that.

Mission #7 – Keys

  • Location. After you get to the second boost point, turn to the right and you will spot some blue vines. Use Aquila’s long range ability to cut through the vines. Angel lift to the room previously hidden behind the vines and collect your copper key.
  • Location. You are going to come to this cut scene where you will meet a demon rat. After that take to the left and use angel boost to reach the platform. Now straight ahead would be the next argent key.
  • Location. In the area where you kill the grown up rage spawn look upwards and you will see an angel lift spot. Once there, turn around and right behind you will be the next copper key.

Mission #8 – Keys

  • Location. After the big battle in which you kept knocking enemies into train above you, head back to the tracks. Run through the tunnel and eventually you will see a side path to the right. Cut through the blue vines using Aquila’s ability/weapons. Now just go straight and you will find the argent key in this hallway.

Mission #9 – Keys

  • Location. After getting the devil trigger, you will find yourself in a blue room where several demons will appear. The key stashed on the balcony above the room. To reach the balcony launch, pull and leap off enemies to reach the platform and gold key.

Mission #11 – Keys

  • Location. After killing all the demons in the media room. Head through the exit and go down the stairs. Keep following this path and go down another couple of staircases. After the second staircase go straight ahead and there will be a hidden area to the right. Smash through the Eryx gem with your Eryx weapon to collect your copper key.

Mission #13 – Keys

  • Location. After the club transforms itself, turn around and get onto the platform behind you. To your right there will be an angel lift, use it to get midair floating platform. Now angel pull yourself to where the gold key is.

Mission #15 – Keys

  • Location. This key can be attained during the part where you want to stop a car from crashing. First, get yourself on the car and then onto the shipping containers in front of you. Now go left where there will be more containers. There you will find a copper key.
  • Location. This is during the part where the car is about to crash into the train. Use demon pull to pull the bus right in front of you. Get on the bus, turn left and jump over to the platform. Jump up the two shipping containers and to your left will be the copper key.

Mission #16 – Keys

  • Location. After getting out of the elevator, turn right and then turn right again to see a gold key being blocked by moving boxes. Time your jump to reach the key.

Mission #17 – Keys

  • Location. Climb several platforms up to a twisted tree right of ruins. Now use the Angel Lift and Boost to go across right past the first tree to another platform. You will see blue vines cut through them using Aquila’s weapon or abilities to get to the first ivory key of the game.

Mission #18 – Keys

  • Location. Head to the corridor to the right of Vergil, look down towards the left to spot a place where you can land. Follow the ramps up to the ivory and final key of the game.

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