DmC: Devil May Cry Moves and Combos Guide – How To

DmC Moves and Combos list and how to effectively execute them in the battle against demons.

Dante’s back and he’s ready to give some demons a thrashing once more, to help you help him do this, we at SegmentNext have compiled a list of all the combos that can be used in the game, as well as a few that are ‘Hidden’. Hidden moves are not listed in the combos menu but can still be performed in game to great effect.

Keep in mind that this guide focuses on the Xbox controller scheme but you can just as easily use it for PC and PS3 if you press the corresponding buttons on those platforms.

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DmC – Rebellion Moves

Hacker – Y, Y, Y, Y
Pretty much the most standard combo in the game, executes four slashes directly in front of you one after the other.

Death Coil – Y, Y, Pause Y, Y, Y
Very similar to the Hacker, just wait for second after the second Y and you’ll see your sword gleam, that’s the signal to complete the rest of the combo.

High Time – B or Hold B
A launcher move. There’s two variations of these, the first simply sends up the enemy skywards, and the second makes Dante jump up to follow the airborne enemy.


Aerial Rave – Y, Y, Y, Y (In Air)
This essentially just the Hacker while in midair.

Helm breaker – B (In Air)
Since using High Time while on the ground send people into the air, it only makes sense that using it in the air brings them down. Helm Breaker is a strong downward strike that knockbacks.

DmC – Hidden Rebellion Moves

Stinger – Forward, Forward, Y
A mainstay of the DMC games, the stinger is a forward dash with a stab at the end.

Trillion Stabs – Y Repeatedly (After Stinger)
Same as the Stinger, but with about 999,999,999 more stabs. Just keep mashing Y when you perform the Stinger.

Drive – Y (Hold)
Charges Rebellion for a second before releasing to shoot energy slashes forward, can fire up to 3 slashes in one combo.

Overdrive – Y (After Drive)
If you charge your Drive for a few extra seconds, it will gain another level of charge and hit harder. Something to note is that if you fire the Overdrive the very second you get to the second level of charge you get something called a Just Charge, which is a fancy way of saying that the energy slashes will hit even harder.

To differentiate between Overdrive and Just Charge Overdrive, note the color of the energy slash. Normal Overdrives are white, while Just Charged Overdrives are red.

Roulette Spin – Y, Y, Pause, Y (In Air)
Similar to the Arial Rave, on this one you wait until you’ve almost reached the ground before the final move which sends you back up in a spinning slash.

DmC – Arbiter Moves

Judgment – RT+Y, Y, Y
Judgment consists of a series of hard-hitting smashes with the Arbiter Axe.

Aerial Flush – RT+Y (In Air)
Aerial Flush sees you leaping into the air and firing off an energy slash similar to the Rebellion’s Drive onto the ground a bit ahead of you.

Tremor – RT+B
A powerful ground smash that knocks up all enemies in a line in front of you.

Drop – RT+B (In Air)
It’s like Tremor, but you jump into the air first, again knocking up some enemies in front of you.

DmC – Hidden Arbiter Moves

Trinity Smash – RT+Y, Y, Pause, Y
Almost identical to judgment, the Trinity Smash differs in that the third and final hit damages the enemy three times instead of just once.

Flush – RT+ Forward, Forward, Y
The Flush is basically an Aerial Flush.. except not aerial. The combo sequence is the exact same as the Rebellion’s Stinger.

Kicker – RT+X (After Demon Pull)
This just basically yanks an enemy with your whip and kicks them in the face. Can be chained infinitely. Also, if you time the kick just right you’ll go into slow-mo.

DmC – Osiris Moves

Karma – LT+Y, Y, Y, Y
The basic button masher combo, pretty hard to mess up.

Prop – LT+B
The Osiris’ knock-up move, it consists of Dante spinning the Osiris vertically a number of times to knock-up anyone in range.

Hanger – LT+Y, Y, Y (In Air)
Just a basic air combo, pretty easy to perform.

Rake – LT+B (In Air)
This attack while used in midair over enemies will scoop them up to your level, allowing you to do whatever you want with their helpless, floating bodies. Can be used multiple times in a single jump.

Feed – Attacking enemies’ grants Osiris bonus damage
This is really more of a passive bonus than a combo move, attacking enemies a number of times in a short while will charge up the Osiris so that it does even more damage. You’ll know when the scythe is charged when it starts glowing white-hot.

DmC – Hidden Osiris Moves

Cleaver – LT+Y, Y, Pause, Y, Y, Y
The Cleaver move consists of a series of pretty cool looking spinny slashes. Same combo as the Rebellion’s Death Coil.

Double Up – LT+Y, Y, Pause, Y, Y (In Air)
Kind of like the Cleaver-but-in-midair. Gives Dante a good amount of airtime, especially when used right after Rake.

Streak – LT+ Forward , Forward, Y
Pretty much the Osiris’ Stinger. Dashes you forwards a good deal, so make sure not to miss it.

Raze – LT+Y (Hold)
A charge move that launches up your enemies and slashes them while in midair. Can be charged twice for additional damage and ‘Just Charged’ for even more damage on top of that. To use a Just Charged Raze release the attack the exact second it achieves the second charge. You’ll know you’ve done it right if your blade releases a frosty mist particle during the attack.

Shredder – LT+B (After Prop)
Shredder is a follow up to the Osiris’ Knock-up move. After spinning the Scythe with Prop, use Shredder while they’re coming down to spin it again and keep mashing B to increase the duration of the spin.

Payoff – LT+ X (After Angel Lift)
Payoff is similar to the Arbiter’s Kicker move which yanks enemies to you except that this one pulls you to them. After pulling yourself you must time the X correctly to uppercut them in the face and Knock them up.

Teleport – LT+LB/RB (After Dodge)
Another tip/hint is that while you have the Osiris equipped you can do a small teleport during a glide or dodge by double-tapping the LB or RB.

DmC – Ebony and Ivory

Inverse Rainstorm – A+X
This move launches Dante into the air while spinning and shooting his pistols in a circle. Use this after knocking someone up.

Rainstorm – A+X (In Air)
Same thing as Inverse Rainstorm except this one is on the way down.

Ricoshot – X (Hold)
The last charge move we have, Ricoshot can be charged up to three times, and with each charge the bullets will do more damage and will bounce off more enemies to hit other enemies. Can be ‘Just Charged’ by launching the projectiles just as it charges up to the third level to do yet more damage.

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