DmC: Devil May Cry Guide – Upgrades, Style Ranks, Orbs and Items

If you are one of those people who picked up a copy of a Devil May Cry game for the first time and do not know the sharp end of Dante’s sword from its pommel, then this guide was made for you. In this guide, we will discuss everything a DmC noob ought to know so that he can slay demons at will. Let’s not waste any more time and let your DmC education commence from hence forth.

The first you should upgrade most is your Rebellion sword. All other weapons in the game are good and have tremendous utilities, but no other weapon in the game has such an all-round affectivity like Rebellion. Whether you may be fighting a lone demon or a horde, this sword is adaptable in any condition and works perfectly.

Here is another tip to upgrade all the rest of your weapons. Play the missions you have already completed repeatedly until you have enough white orbs to purchase all the upgrades you require.

Furthermore, always upgrade the basic combo of your weapon to level two first before any other ability. Hacker for Rebellion, Trinity Smash for the Arbiter and Karma for the Osiris.

Plus, Karma is an awesome ability to inflict a lot of damage to waves of enemies surrounding you. Trinity Smash is best suited for one on one encounter with tougher foes as it deals more damage but no collateral damage.

Orbs are the currency of Devil May Cry. Different Orbs are used to purchase different types of things. Red Orbs are used to purchase consumables from the divinity statues.

Red Orbs can be collected by killing enemies and slashing stuff in the environment. White Orbs are obtained by killing tougher enemies and also as end mission bonuses. They are used to purchase the upgrades for your weapons from the divinity statue.

Green Orbs are found sometime by killing enemies or destroying green pods. They regenerate a bit of your health.

Golden Orbs
Can be purchased from the shop for 400 red orbs. Use to resurrect Dante if he dies in the game to full health. They are the rarest orbs in the game. Only three golden orbs can be held at a single time.

Divinity Statues
These statues serve as checkpoints in DmC. It is here that you can save your game’s progress. Furthermore, at these statues, there is an item shop where you can purchase consumables and upgrades for your weapons.

You buy consumable with the red orbs and the upgrades with the white orbs. Weapon upgrades are available for purchase once you have acquired the weapon in the story line of the game. Ability upgrades only become available after or in specific missions of the game.

Remember that you can also try out several combos before actually purchasing them at these divinity statues. Moreover, the combos for these weapons can be upgraded up until level 2 or even level 3 in some cases.

Here is the list of all the consumables in the game:

  • Small Vital Star
  • Large Vital Star
  • Small Devil Trigger Star
  • Large Devil Trigger Star
  • Gold Orb
  • Health Cross Fragment
  • Health Cross
  • Devil Trigger Cross

Remember the more items you carry of the same type, the more expensive they become in the store.

After every time you complete a mission in DmC, you are given a grade according to your performance. Remember that the more you complete the mission in style the better grade you will receive. There are seven ranks in total and here they are in order:

  • SSSensational
  • SSadistic
  • Savage
  • Anarchic
  • Brutal
  • Cruel
  • Dirty

There are several factors on which the grade depends: time it took you to complete the mission, how completely you finished the mission; meaning how many collectibles and such stuff you found, items used and the death count as well. Each item you use cost you 10000 points and every death costs you 10% of your score.

There are seven difficulty level found in the game. Initially only three of them are available to you, but as you beat the game time and time again new difficulty mode becomes available. Here are the difficulty modes of the game in order:

  • Human
  • Devil Hunter
  • Nephilim
  • Son of Sparda
  • Dante Must Die
  • Heaven or Hell
  • Hell or Hell

In Heaven or Hell mode, enemies die with one hit but so does Dante. In Hell or Hell mode, enemies take numerous hits but Dante dies with one hit only!

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