DmC: Devil May Cry Boss Battle Guide – How To Kill

Are you finding it difficult to defeat the demons controlling the modern world in Devil May Cry? Worry not, my friend, we have it covered. In this boss battle guide, we walk you through every trick of the trade that you can use to effectively defeat these demons and complete Dante’s story. If you still can’t manage it, just ask us!

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Mission 1: Found – The Hunter


The Hunter takes a swing at Dante with his knife. The attack has a significant animation prior to the swing; making evasion or parry easy.

Leaping Stab
The Hunter takes a short step and then jumps at Dante with his knife. Similar to the first attack, this one is also predictable and can be easily evaded. However, this attack cannot be parried.

Note that when angered, the range of his attack increases. Also if he jumps from far away, expect a horizontal slash and not a vertical one.

Spinning Slash
The Hunter spins around and does a backhand slash. This attack can be both evaded and parried.

Sky Drop
The Hunter does a superman leap into the sky and drops down to send a shockwave. Keep note of his shadow and run away from it as it grows larger. Upon his fall, jump to escape the shock.

The Hunter rushes around the area and will do massive damage to Dante if caught.

The Hunter jumps far away and seals the area with a black smog. He then proceeds to shoot a bouncing glaive at you.

You can try to either evade it or perform a parry. Parrying the glaive will allow you to deal good damage to the Hunter, as well as creating an opening for your attacks.

Every boss has an achille’s heel and for the Hunter it is his grimy face. Jump into the air to lay down attacks on his face with your air combos. Afterwards you will be able to grapple onto this face to get in close.

Doing more damage will cause him to drop on to the ground. At this point use your imagination to get as many mixed attacks to him as possible. This will be a good opportunity for you to boost up your Style Rank. Once the Hunter leaps away to attack from range, use your guns to bring him down again.

Mission 6: Secret Ingredient – Succubus


The Succubus will take a swing across the entire area with one of her large arms. You can either jump to dodge the attack or parry. Parrying will open up the weak point for a brief period which will allow you to lay down some damage and you’ll also be able to grapple onto her head and bring her down to extent the combo window.

The Succubus slams the ground in front with her arms. Evade the attack and follow through to the exposed weak point.

The Succubus will start gagging and follow up by spewing the whole ground with acid. Use the Angel Lift points on both sides to stay airborne until the acid goes away.

The Succubus will step back and unleash a terrifying shout. When you see her preparing, roll out of the way.

The Succubus summons spikes from the ground to impale Dante. Don’t stand still for a moment and keep moving to escape them during the fight.

Start by attacking her legs and parry attacks to create openings. Once parried she will be knocked out for a brief period, in which you can attack her weak point; the exposed area inside her head.

She’ll drop once her life bar is drained. At this point use Demon Pull to cut down one of the two cables supporting her. As soon as you do it, she will get back up to smash the whole platform. Use the ANgel Life points to escape prior to this.

Repeat until she’s down to her final life bar and follow the on-screen prompts. The Succubus will then try to escape by grabbing on to the pillar. Attack her hands until she lets go.

Mission 10: Bad News – Bob Barbas


You’ll see a purple haze forming at his base before a spinning laser comes out on the ground. Just jump around over the beams to reach the nearest Eryx panel.

You’ll see a green haze forming at his base before he summons two laser walls that’ll try to sandwich Dante. Jump once again to avoid being crushed.

You’ll see a blue haze forming at his base before he shoots an energy blast. When you see the glow, user Angel Boost to shift to either side of Bob, since the blast will be in front of him.

You’ll see a yellow haze forming at his base before he summons another series of walls to crush Dante. Each wall will have outlined windows, to which Dante can align himself to avoid being crushed.

You can’t get close to the hologram since you’ll just be blasted back. Instead use Eryx’s Stomp on the red ground panels to finish off his defenses. You’ll find them outside of the arena.

Once that’s done, go for the kill. Deal away your combos but remember to jump into the air when the ground turns red the first time, else Bob will blow up the ground beneath you. When it changes red the second time, you need to get out of there.

Repeat the whole process again to empty his life bar. Once that’s done, an Angel Lift point will be revealed. Grapple on to that and you’ll be in a news report. Hold out until the report finishes.

Outside, you have to repeat the process again. This time though there will be only two Eryx panels. Another Angel Lift point will be revealed and there will yet again be another news report. The third time you’ll have to deal with three Eryx panels.

Mission 14: Last Dance – Mundus’ Spawn


The attack results in a long range ground burst which cannot be parried. Jump into the air and dodge if the need be.

Parry when the smaller arm takes a swing.

The Spawn pulls back and then tries to cancel out your air attacks.

Disco Ball
The baby jumps back a fair distance to throw a huge ball at you. You can choose to either parry and return the ball back or just roll out of the way.

The baby cries before pounding the ground four times. You need to jump accordingly between each wave and stay clear of the ground.

The weak spot for this boss is the baby’s third eye. However, to reach that you first need to take away the core that it holds infront of it. Use Demon Pull to take it out of the way and then Angel Lift to it to drop tons of damage.

Put in enough damage and the eye will open. This is your cue to unleash your combos.

Once the life bar of the Baby’s finishes, use Demon Pull once again to pull Lilith out. Damage her enough and she’ll get sucked back into her demon offspring.

Repeat the process and move on.

Mission 19: Face Of The Demon – Mundus


A marker will appear on the ground where Mundus will perform a fist smash. Use Demon Evade to get out of the way. If he misses you, his hands will be stuck to the ground. At this point use the indicated Angel Lift point to pull yourself to him and attack.

Triple Smash
Mundus performs three attacks in quick succession. These cannot be parried, so just stay away.

Twin Smash
Mundus sends out a shockwave by smash both of his fists into the ground at once. Jump in the air to escape the blast.

Mundus once again smashes the ground to send out a massive shockwave through the whole platform. This time though there will be no marker on the ground. Jump and use Angel Lift to get in some damage.

Lava Breath
Mundus covers the entire rooftop with lava. Use the Angel Lift points on both sides of the arena to stay clear of the magma.

Mundus shoots out a fireball through a transformed hand-cannon. You can parry this to send it back at him for some damage.

One thing to note is that you have to really careful in avoidin Mundus’ attacks. He does a great deal of damage and if you’re caught in one of his attacks, you’re literally gone. Use Demon Evade to dodge his fist pounds and then go back in to deal some damage. Your main strategy is simply to dodge his attacks, hit him, retreat, dodge again and so on.

Killing one of his hands will enable you to use Demon Pull on his eye. Use it to rush inside and pull out both Vergil and Mundus’ core.

He’ll now fight with one arm and you should follow the same strategy again until his other arm falls off as well.

Even with no arms, Mundus will continue to attack you. In this state don’t try to parry his moves. Just evade and use Angel Pull at the indicated moment to take him down.

Mission 20: The End – Vergil


Summon Sword
Vergil summons a katana and hurls it at you. This ranged attack can be parried to create a combo opportunity. If you’re not feeling confident then you can simply roll out of the way to dodge it.

Vergil sheats his sword and rushes at you, leaving behind a trail of spinning blades. Jump to either side to dodge his rush.

Helm Splitter
Vergil vanishes for an instant and then drops down on Dante. Evade as soon as you seem him reappear. You can also try and parry his attack to open a small window of opportunity.

Dive Kick
As the fight progresses, Vergil will drop from the air once again dealing a vicious kick. You can evade or parry this attack as well.

Vergil will not always drop down on Dante after teleporting up. Sometimes he will throw a blade down instead.

Quick Blades
Vergil shoots out spinning projectiles at Dante. You will need to jump around since evading is going to be a bit hard, considering Vergil will continously throw them out.

In the later part of the fight, Vergil will perform area blasts in front of him with a charged blade. He will teleport four or five times in the process. Use Angel Evade to stay clear and refrain from trying to attack him during this phase.

Vergil is not an easy opponent. He boasts a very strong defense and one mistake could mean the end for you. Additionally even if you attack him, he’ll just parry and counter attack after taking a few hits. Hence, your options are limited. You need to either parry his projectiles or to attack him following his Rush or Helm attack.

The fight has many phases and each new one will be introduced with its own cut-scene. In the first phase, Vergil gets to summon an increased number of blades. The second phase gives him his ground projectile attack. The third increases the speed of his projectiles and gives him the dive kick. The fourth lets him chain teleport moves together and gives him his Drive. The final one triggers his doppelganger where you have to fight two of them.

Target the copy, as it will give you a high amount of Devil Trigger. When you have enough meter to activate Devil Trigger, attack the real Vergil and finish him.

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