The Division Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Challenge Mode Walkthrough Guide

After reaching Level 30 in The Division, you will be able to play the Challenge Mode. The Challenge Mode is replaying the earlier missions on incredibly hard difficulty, one of which is Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint.

The Challenge Mode in The Division is a sure short way of not only acquiring best gear, but also Phoenix Credits.

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The Division Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Challenge Mode Guide

Since the Challenge Mode is incredibly hard, it is a good idea to play them with a full squad equipped with high-end gear and mandatory skills. The guide provides an overview of Challenge Mode: Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint and how to complete it:

The mission starts with players heading towards the tunnel. Since the tunnel is infested with Level 32 enemies, do not try and eliminate them all at the same time. It is a good idea to engage one and then move to the next one.

Do not try and overreach as you will get eliminated within the blink of an eye. If you think you will not be able to pass through, retreat, and then head back in.

After clearing the tunnel, proceed ahead from the right-hand-side and eliminate enemies from a distance. Once again, if need be, retreat and head right back in. It is always a good idea to engage Level 32 enemies one after the other.

Once you have cleared the area of enemies, head through the gate, deal with another couple of enemies, and replenish the ammo.

As soon as you see the clock ticking, rush towards the entrance and hold off the incoming enemies for a total of 180 seconds using any means necessary! Once done, speak with Roy Benitez.

After this, you will be assigned to protect Roy Benitez and eliminate enemies at the same time. To do so, head inside the control room, replenish ammo and starting the job.

It is a good idea to use grenades at this point and dish out damage from as much directions as possible. After heading out, you will come face-to-face with a boss battle – Finch.

The idea here is to take on Finch with your complete squad. Do note that he hits often and he hits hard! Come out with the replenished ammo, fall back into the garage if need be, eliminate mobs first, and then focus fire on Finch to complete the job.

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