The Division Hackers Complain About Other Hackers

What goes around comes around, and it seems to be true in case of The Division hackers. The game has reached the point where The Division hackers complain about the abundance of hacks and other players using them.

There seems to be a new aimbot script in town which is getting a wide spread release and letting players easily access the hack. The hackers who had a huge advantage in terms of assisted aim and RPM now found themselves in a frustrating situation, since dark zones is filled with agents using client side hacks.

All of these problems stem from the fact that all of The Division’s player stats are stored on client side rather than server side which makes it easy for hackers to manipulate the exploits. Fans had raised their concerns regarding the client side issue prior to launch of the game, and Ubisoft Massive promised that these issues will be fixed before the launch. Sadly these fixes have not yet arrived.

All of these issues occurring in the game does not mean that Ubisoft has ignored the issue. Ubisoft has issued its official stance against these hackers, by putting new cheat detection methods in action. This cheat detection system works on two strike system, if players are caught first time then their accounts are automatically banned for 14 days, and those who are caught the second time will be permanently banned from online play within The Division.

This is hardly the first time The Division is being exploited, since the game has launched it’s overwhelmed with bugs, glitches and hackers. It only took a mere number of hours for hackers to find exploits in Falcon Lost Incursion, but Ubisoft changed the way entire mission worked and said that it would punish those who took advantage of Ubisoft’s scripting.

Will Ubisoft ever be able to fix its game? We’ll see.

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