The Division DLC Locations Might Have Been Discovered; Central Park Included

All of us know by now that there will at least be three DLC packs in The Division namely Underground, Survival and Last Stand. However, we are yet to find out about The Division DLC locations, especially since Ubisoft has kept special places like Central park locked up.

Well, it seems someone has been able to go past the borders to unearth what looks like new locations that could be a part of the future downloadable content packs that are going to come our way.

We have collected everything there is to see and posted them here, so take your time and tell us what you think.

The Division DLC Locations Revealed?

Firstly, there is a video showing you how to get to Central Park region of New York City, and from the looks of it, the whole area is too detailed to just be nothing. Ubisoft has put in detailed assets there which means they have plans for the place.

In order to get there you will need to reach Dante’s Run Safehouse which is inside Hell’s Kitchen and on to the waypoint marked in the video above. At this waypoint there is a wall which has a specific spot that you can use to glitch out to the other side of it and boom!

There also are some pictures relating to the park itself (pretty mundane in my opinion) and some more location in and around. Check them out in the gallery below.

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What do you make of these intricately detailed areas in the video? Could there be Central Park among The Division DLC locations?

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