The Division 2 Unknown File Version Fix, No Sound, Mike – 01, Crash On Startup, Stuttering Fix

The PC version of The Division 2 is facing errors and issues like no sound in headphones, Unknown File Version and here are the fixes.

The Division 2 is here for PC and consoles. The PC version of The Division 2 is facing errors and issues like no sound in headphones, Unknown File Version, black screen, crashes and more.

Here I have compiled a list of The Division 2 errors and issues along with their possible fixes and workarounds.

The Division 2 Black Screen, Crashes And Fixes

The Division 2 improves a lot of things compared to the first game in terms of gameplay mechanics, world building and enemy AI. However, the PC players of the game are facing rather unfortunate errors and issues like Unknown File Version, crash on startup, performance issues and more.

The following are the list of errors and issues that players are experiencing. Along with their fixes and workarounds.

No Sound, Missing SFX, Audio Fix

The Division 2 is facing some audio issues including no sound in headphones, missing SFX and more. Some of them are recurring ones from the beta. Here are a few fixes that might resolve these audio issues for you.

As for the ones not getting any audio while using headphones, the issue is being caused by Dolby Atmos or Surround. Just disable it, if you are using Windows 10, right-click the sound icon and you will find “Spatial Sound” to be set on Dolby Atmos. Just turn it off.

If the option isn’t there then right-click the sound icon and select “Sounds”. Go to Playback devices and select your active sound device and click properties. Select the Spacial Sound tab and you will find Dolby Atom to be active. Just turn it off and the issue should resolve.

Disabling VOIP in-game can also resolve this no audio issue. Furthermore, try a clean installation of your audio drivers as drivers already installed might causing the problem.

For those who are not getting any audio in their Logitech speakers, follow the following steps.

  • Keep your headset plugged in.
  •  Go to “Device Manager”.
  •  Search for your headset under Audio Controller.
  •  Remove the device.
  •  Unplug your headset, and wait a few seconds.
  •  Plug your headset back in
  •  Restart your PC after Device Manager has recognized your headset.
  •  Go to the Logitech Software and try the sample surround.

For those who are encountering missing SFX like gunfire, music and other sounds, the issue is most probably being caused by “Windows Sonic For Headphones”.

right-click the sound icon and you will find “Spatial Sound” to be set on “Windows Sonic For Headphones”. Just set it to off and the issue will resolve. If the option isn’t there then do it through Playback devices as explained above.

Mike – 01 Error Fix

Some players are reporting that when they try to play The Division 2, Mike – 01 Error pops up. This is a connection error which is related to VPN. If you are using a VPN, just disable it and the issue should resolve.

Another cause for the Division 2 Mike – 01 Error is the firewall. Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking the game and the error should be fixed.

Crashes, Display Driver Stopped Responding Fix

Crash is a common issue in PC games and the Division 2 PC version is no exception. There are multiple reasons for The Division 2 crashes and the following are the fixes.

Some players have reported when the game crashes, “Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered” pops up. This issue has two causes.

The first is the display driver, try updating your GPU drivers and if you are using the latest one then revert to a slightly old version. This should resolve The Division 2 crash.

The second reason for this error is the GPU itself and an overclocked one. If you have overclocked your GPU then revert it back to its default clock speeds. If you own a factory overclocked GPU then use MSI Afterburner to reduce the clock speeds and the issue should resolve.

Another reason for the Division 2 to crash is the use of third-party monitoring software like MSI Afterburner. Disable them and the game should stop crashing.

Unknown File Version Fix

The Division 2 players are reporting the Unknown File Version error. According to players, the game crashes and “Unknown File Version (C:\Tom Clancy’s The Division 2\tobii_gameintegration_x64.dll)” error pops up.

The fix for this problem is very simple. Just go to the game’s install folder and delete the “tobii_gameintegration_x64.dll”. Verify game files/cache and the error won’t won’t bother you again.

Blurry Visuals Fix

Some players are reporting that The Division 2 graphics are blurry no matter the graphical settings. While Ubisoft is working to fix this here is a workaround for this problem. The issue is mostly popping up for HDR supported displays. Just enable HDR and the issue will resolve.

Crash On Startup

Players are also reporting that The Division 2 crashes as soon as they start playing it. Make sure you are using the latest GPU drivers.

Another reason for the game to crash on startup is the antivirus software or Windows Defender mistaking the game’s exe file as a trojan. You can either disable the anti-virus software or make an exception for the game’s exe and the issue should resolve.

Also, disabling the Uplay in-game overlay will potentially resolve the crash on startup problem for you.

Black Screen Fix

Players are reporting that they are encountering black screen when they launch the game while they can hear the audio. The fix for this is very simple.

Start the Division 2 and when the black screen appears press “Alt + Enter” and it will go into Windowed Mode and will start to display. Go to video settings and change the resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and you will be able to play the game in fullscreen.

Stuttering, Bad Performance, Low FPS Fix

With so many PC configurations in the world, there are bound to be performance issues. Here are a few things you can do to ensure steady FPS and eliminate stuttering.

Firstly, install the latest GPU drivers as they bring game-specific optimizations. Also, check if there is a background process using too much of your CPU, HDD or GPU and end that task.

For Nvidia GPU owners, open Nvidia Control Panel and select “Manage 3D Settings” and then select “Program Settings”. Select the Division 2 from the list and set “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance” and set “Texture Filtering- Quality” to “High Performance”. This will eliminate stuttering.

If this doesn’t resolve the stuttering then set Vertical Sync to “Fast”. This will not only eliminate stuttering but, will potentially give you an FPS boost if you have the GPU and the CPU to handle it.

Also, switch DirectX to 11 as DirectX 12 causes the performance to drop. This might resolve with a future patch but, for now, disable it.

That is all for our The Division 2 errors and issues and fixes for no sound, stuttering, Mike – 01 error, Unknown File Version and more.

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