The Division 2 to Attract All Audiences With Buffet of Options, Says Gameplay Designer

The Division 2 is on its way and this time the developers are providing more ways to play the game in order to attract different kinds of audiences who are into PvE or PvP modes.

DualShockers recently got the chance to ask Red Storm Entertainment’s Lead Gameplay Designer Keith Evans about how will they balance the game to satisfy different audiences.

Keith Evans responded by telling how it’s different from any other game. Everyone has their own favorite thing to do in the game.

Some players like myself are only interested in the main storyline or missions including expansions but then there’s also a huge amount of players who like to play the role of a villain by stepping inside the Dark Zones with improved Rogue system.

The upcoming sequel will pack content for all of the above audiences but now with more options. Keith explained:

What we tried to do in the sequel is still cater to all those players but open the buffet of options for them a little bit more. Specifically in the Dark Zone we’ve done things like add a layer of normalization on player’s builds. As you go into the Dark Zone now, the base experience has everyone at the same power level and now shooter skill matters a little bit more than, “Well, I have spent 4,000 hours grinding out this perfect min-max build,” and we have also infused a lot more story.

All the Dark Zones in The Division 2 have their own missions that are PvE-focused and let you explore the space and help you understand what made this area go dark. For those really hardcore players, once they hit end game, end game was a really big focus for us the whole time, now you have a really lawless place for the Dark Zone where one is always un-normalized and we’ve stripped a lot of the feedback for who is rogue and who is friendly and it becomes the highest risk and highest reward in the game. We really try to widen the field for gamers for when they log on and decide what they want to do on any given night.

If you are interested in Dark Zones then it’s guaranteed that you will be having a lot more fun and action than the previous Division game in the series.

It’s also now being reported that one of the Dark Zones in Division 2 will have friendly fire on to make things more interesting. Dark Zones are now going through some major improvements and there are a total of 3 in The Division 2.

To give you a taste of what’s coming, Ubisoft has announced a private beta of The Division 2 which starts on February 7 at 1 AM PT and you can pre-load it 24 hours before it starts.

The private beta is open to those who have pre-ordered the game on Xbox One, PC and PS4. There’s no news about a public or open beta of The Division 2 yet but if it happens we will make sure to let you know first.

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