The Division 2 Dark Zone to Have Friendly Fire On: Report

The Division 2 release date is finally getting close and the game is set to bring some major improvements over the first one including big changes to the Dark Zone. Dark Zones are getting a big makeover in Division 2 and Ubisoft has now started to unveil some new things about it.

Ubisoft just released a new trailer to showcase Dark Zones in The Division 2. If that wasn’t enough for you then don’t worry as it’s now being reported that one of the Dark Zones in Division 2 will have friendly fire on along with an occupied Dark Zone where your gloves will be off.

This new information about Dark Zones of Division 2 was revealed in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine. Thanks to the Redditor here for revealing them. These details which you can check out below originally appeared via “The Division Elites” which is an elite private Facebook group.

  • 3 DZ’s confirmed with ‘Normalisation’
  • There’s an Occupied DZ – where the “gloves are off”
  • You can loot a downed player asking to be revived
  • New Grey Rogue state – won’t be broadcast but flags you as untrustworthy
  • Friendly fire is turned on in one of the DZ’s
  • There are ‘Monuments’ in the DZ, as opposed to ‘Landmarks’
  • PvP – Conflict Mode, which includes Skirmish, Team Deathmatch, and Domination game types.
  • In Skirmish mode each team has a set number of respawns.
  • Conflict Mode has a separate progression system for gear unlocks, skill leveling and class upgrades.
  • There is more than one way to go, Rogue, one of which you don’t have to fire a single bullet. The GREY option is pretty interesting.

Friendly fire in The Division 2 Dark Zones is going to be a welcome addition by the hardcore players. Though it’s also going to be unliked by many so we will have to see how that really works out. It’s not final so we are sure that Ubisoft will be making further adjustments to it after the game releases.

In case you don’t know, these Dark Zones in Division 2 are PvPvE areas on the map filled with players hunting each other. This is the best place to find some high valuable loot but also very dangerous. Making out alive from these Dark Zones with your loot is not an easy task.

The Divison 2 comes with three Dark Zones spread across the Washington DC map. Each one of them supports up to 12 players in each session. These three are located in East, West, and South. Each one of them will offer a different experience.

The Dark Zone in the east is among the open streets and it’s suitable for long range gunfights. You can also choose to approach it the way you like from different pathways. On the opposite, Dark Zone South has lots of vegetation which will help you stay in cover while ambushing enemies. So choose the one which is the easiest for you to take loot with. East one is suitable for mid-range combat.

Other than these Dark Zones, the game comes with brand new two game modes which weren’t available in the first game. These are 4v4 matches and they put Division agents up against Rogue agents in modes called Domination and Skirmish.

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