Divinity Original Sin II Goes Past Another Stretch Goal, New Playable Race Added

Divinity Original Sin II has been a huge success at Kickstarter, as fans have shown overwhelming support for the project. According to latest news related to the game, it has gone past another stretch goal at Kickstarter.

Developers have announced that this stretch goal will see the addition of a new playable race called, Undead. At the time of this writing, Divinity Original Sin II Kickstarter campaign has generated almost $2 million, with 23 days to go until the campaign ends.

As for the new playable race, Undead, developers haven’t revealed too much about it. However, they are asking for fans to provide their suggestions and feedback. They have also hinted at some possible traits we’ll get to see in the Undead.

For instance, the Undead won’t heal while burning but can do so while frozen. We may also see immunity to fear and health, starting with 120% health but losing it due to decomposition.

You can let developers know what you want from the new race, over at their Kickstarter page.

To know more about the Undead and see some concept art, check out the video below

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